There may be many reasons why you want to find out if someone is in jail or to check recent arrest records in your area. We will show you how to find out if a person has been booked in jail today, recently or in the past and if you like you can do a criminal history check on a person too. With the information, we will show you how to view a person’s charges, if they have been charged with a felony or misdemeanor, view the booking photo, what the bond amount is, when they may have a trial or are expected to be released from jail.

1.) Local County Jail Websites

Most county jails have links to individuals recently arrested and booked into their jail. So you will need to do a quick Google search to find your local jail website.

Example one. I want to find someone who has been locked in in Grant County Indiana. So I can do a few searches until I find the jail or inmate search for the area I want to look for “Grant County Indiana Sheriff’s Department” “Grant County Indiana Jail” “Grant County Indiana Inmate Search”

grant county inmate search


Now I will click on the top link to the Sheriff’s Department and I will find a page like this.

jail inmates

As you can see they have a link on the Sheriff’s Department website to jail current inmates. Now I will click the link to the Jails current inmates.

And here’s what I get

current inmates

Now that I am on the current list of inmates that are booked into the local jail I can see who got arrested last night, their charges, name, mugshots, bond amount, expected release date, if they have been charged with a felony, when the person was arrested and more.

2.) Bureau of Prisons, DOC’s and Public Safety websites

If you can’t find a person that has been arrested by visiting your local Sheriff’s Department or county jail website then they may be in a prison or DOC. In that case, you will want to use the federal inmate locator tools to help you find the person.

Additional resources:

BOP Inmate Locator


Florida Arrest Records – In-depth list of county inmate locators in the state of Florida.