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Raising a child is a uniquely challenging and demanding task that is best tackled by both parents. And while some proud parents rise to the occasion and give it their all to provide their child with the greatest possible life, others yet avoid responsibility by physically moving to an area different from the one their child calls home. The parent left to care for the child must simply live with the burden of doing so solo.

Or so many parents believe.

The truth of the matter is that a number of tried and proven ways to track down parents who’ve ran out of their child’s life exist and are waiting to be utilized. This guide can be of use if you or anyone you know has ever asked any of the following questions:

  • How can I find the father of my child for child support?
  • How can runaway mothers be located for child support?
  • How can I locate non custodial parent?
  • How do I go about locating a parent for child support and help raising their own child?
  • How do I find out if non custodial parent is working?

To help anyone who may be in the frustrating and emotionally draining position of raising a child without the aid of his or her other parent, let’s take a look at a few measures that are sure to help locate missing guardians!

Consult Social Media

The first step single parents should take towards finding the mother or father of their child is consulting social media. Billions of individuals around the globe have profiles on the leading social media websites, including Facebook and Twitter. As such, locating a runaway parent can be as simple as typing his or her name in a search bar and filtering through some results. What’s more is that any doubt surrounding a profile-holder’s identity can be removed in a second, as profiles typically feature a full name, location of residence, place of employment, and/or pictures; these pieces of information will make determining a profile’s authenticity and owner a breeze.

It should also be mentioned that social media is a fantastic tool for tracking MIA parents because it is 100% free of charge and can be utilized from the comfort of home.

Public Record Databases

A simple search by name can possibly uncover where they live, where they work, their current phone numbers and or email addresses. This is much cheaper than hiring a private detective and you can search immediately to find someone.

Hire a Private Detective

Quality private detectives are reliable, efficient, and ultra-attentive experts of surveillance and reconnaissance who are of particular use to parents looking for the missing father or mother of their child.

The process of hiring a private detective for this purpose is straightforward. Simply search Google for private detectives in a particular area, verify that their past reviews are positive, and contact them via phone (it’s much easier to explain the requirements of an assignment with one’s voice than it is to do so with text). By using tried and proven measures to ascertain the location of targets, private detectives can find persons hiding around the block and around the globe with minimal effort. Additionally, private detectives can supply more data and facts than are required to initiate child support hearings and other legal proceedings.

The only potential downside to using a private detective to locate a runaway parent is the associated cost of doing so. As detectives are in fact professionals, they charge professional rates for their work. With that said, it’s not impossible to find a good deal for a service, and the produced information will probably be more than worth the expenditure.

Hire a Child Support Lawyer

Finally, runaway parents can be tracked down and brought to justice by experienced child support lawyers. These attorneys at law advocate for compensation and assistance on the part of single parents who’ve been abandoned by their child’s mother or father. For a cost that’s admittedly greater than those associated with using social media and hiring a private detective, child support lawyers will locate missing guardians and, if their client wants to move forward, initiate legal proceedings relating to child support and other compensation; this includes filing the necessary paperwork and completing the associated forms and documentation.

Bluntly stated, hiring a child support lawyer is an excellent idea for parents who want to make the missing father or mother of their child pay.

These tips are sure to help single parents track down the missing mother or father of their child. Thanks for reading, and remember to stay as positive as possible throughout the process.