Find Records Fast:

One of the most common ways people cheat on their significant others is with secret dating profiles. If you think you might have a cheating spouse, finding a dating profile can be just the smoking gun you need. But how can you find hidden profiles on dating sites? Here are a few good options:

By Username

If your spouse has a username that they use often, then searching for it could help you find their dating profile. Start with a basic online search for that username and go through the first couple pages of results. If you don’t find anything, try searching for a combination of the username and the names of different dating websites. For example, if the username is “username1,” you could search for “username1 POF,” “username1 OkCupid” and “username1 eHarmony” to run through some of the more popular dating sites.

There are also sites that can do this for you. can search for a specific username on a range of sites. Pipl does the same, but it can also search by other methods, allowing you to potentially find dating profiles by email address, name or phone number, although many dating sites don’t publicly connect those identifiers with profiles because they want to protect the privacy of their users.

With a Reverse Image Search

With Google Images, you can perform a reverse image search by either entering a link to the image you want to search for or uploading an image from your computer. The results will include exact matches with the same image and similar matches with images that are close to what you searched for.

You could try this with images your spouse has on social media to see if any dating profiles come up with the same picture.

With a Test Profile

Dating sites almost always allow users to adjust their privacy settings to keep their profiles hidden from search engines and anyone who doesn’t have an account on the site. If your spouse has a secret profile and it’s setup so that only other users can see it, you may not have much luck with the first two methods. That’s where a test profile can help.

To do this, you create an account on one or more dating sites. You’ll likely want to create accounts on all the most popular dating sites since you won’t know which one your spouse could be using. You probably won’t need to upload photos, but you should write a legitimate profile to avoid getting marked as a spam account.

Once you have your test account, you can search for other users and adjust the search filters to match your spouse. Filters vary depending on the dating site, but you can usually filter by:

• Age
• Height
• Body Type
• Location

Keep in mind that your spouse may have lied about certain details, and if you don’t find them on your first search, you should try adjusting the filters a bit.

Viewing Browsing History

If you aren’t having any luck, there’s always the option of seeing what your spouse is doing on the computer. Check the browsing history first, and then look at the cookies. Many people will go into an incognito mode while browsing or delete their history later to cover their tracks, but cookies are something that people often forget about. Keep in mind that if it’s your spouse’s computer and you don’t have permission to use it, you could be committing a crime by doing this.

Checking for Dating App Profiles

Dating apps are becoming much more popular, and unfortunately, it’s often harder to find these profiles. They usually don’t show up in online searches, and because most of these apps don’t have search functions, creating a test profile won’t work well, either. You could spend hours swiping without finding your spouse’s hidden profile.

The first way to see if your spouse is using a dating app is to simply check their phone. Again, you could be committing a crime if you do this without their permission.

The second option is to check your spouse’s social media if you have the login credentials. Dating apps typically connect to the user’s Facebook account but don’t post anything. You can see the apps a user has connected to their Facebook by doing the following:

1. Log in to the account.
2. Go to the settings.
3. Click “Apps.”

From there, you can see if they’ve connected any common dating apps to their accounts, such as Tinder or Bumble.

None of these methods are foolproof, and you may need to hire a private investigator if they don’t work. Still, they’re a good start and will typically work if your spouse hasn’t been extremely careful.