Find Records Fast:

Whether you hear a rumor from a friend or you have your own suspicions, finding out your ex is getting married again can invoke a wide range of emotions. You are probably toggling between disbelief, heartache, relief, worry, nervous anxiety, anger, and happiness. You may be seeking confirmation of the rumors purely to gain a sense of closure, or you need to know for legal and financial reasons. If you are paying alimony, child support or share in tax debts and repayments, it becomes imperative to find out if your ex has remarried.

  • Social Media

Arguably one of the easiest and most modern ways to determine if your ex-has remarried is through various social media platforms. You do not even have to be friends on these sites to gain the insight needed to determine if your ex has remarried. If you can confirm that a relationship exists through social media, you can search for the name of the new significant other and gain a wealth of knowledge and easily find out if someone is married. If you have mutual friends or contacts with your ex, a quick visit to their profile can unveil clues to the potential nuptials. You can sift through recent posts or photos for clues, and you can expand your search to include visiting the profiles of the new man’s family and friends to find a photo or post that confirms the suspicion or rumor.

Even the most private wedding has a paper trail which makes it easy to find marriage records for free. If you have a financial or legal obligation to your ex, it will be much easier to obtain this information at your local town office or records division than if you are simply trying to satisfy your curiosity itch. Many states have strict regulations on who can obtain access to marital records. If you do not have any legal or financial obligations with your ex, you can often still acquire the records if you enlist the help of a private investigator to aid you in your quest.

  • Private Investigators

To save time, hassle and frustration, it may be worth the investment to hire a professional private investigator to do the dirty work. Private investigators have direct access to highly specialized databases and software programs that are designed to trace specific patterns in a person’s life. The collaborated data and patterns can be patched together to create a timeline of events that can lead to specific information regarding a new marriage. New jobs, updated addresses, mortgage or property ownership, and linked associates can all come up during a thorough database search conducted by a private investigator; all of these facts can be helpful in determining if your ex is remarried.

It is important to have a trusted source or support system to turn to once you find out if your ex has remarried. Once you uncover the truth, you may feel like you have been punched in the stomach and will need to vent or be around people you love or trust; they can help you sort through your emotions and thoughts. There may have been a time when you thought your prior relationship would last forever; finding out your ex has moved on and found happiness in the arms of another man may bring up a wide range of emotions you were not expecting. However, it is far better to know the truth than to keep wondering whether or not your ex-has truly moved on with her life. With closure, you can focus on healing your mental and emotional wounds and be ready pursue a new relationship when the time is right.