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Having someone’s address can be an important thing to have. Not only can you use it to send them cards or letters, but if you ever intend to visit them, you will need to know where they live to ensure that you are going to the right home. If you want to find out where someone lives to reconnect or just say hello, it can be quite a chore to find someone’s current address to send their mail to. However, there are few places you can visit to find out someone’s address with their name without having to spend too much time searching. We have included a few of the easiest ways to search for someone’s address by name both in print and online. Here’s what you need to know about finding addresses of people.

Online Phonebooks

Not everyone has a physical phone book, and when it comes time to find someone’s new address, it can be hard to search for it without a phonebook. Instead, you can try an online phonebook like the WhitePages. They have several searching criteria that you can fill out from the city of their residence to their name. You will need a bit of information about the person you are trying a search for, finding an address is much easier through the online phonebooks. You can also find out someone’s forwarding address.

Online Search Engines

Search Engines can also be beneficial for finding out where someone is living now. Instead of going to a particular page, you can type in a person’s name with their phone number or state of residence. However, the only negative about using a major search engine is the amount of outdated or fake information out there. This is the most inexact way to find an address, though it is possible to get the results you want from this method.

There are several popular search engines that can be used:

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • MSN

Social Media

A great way to find someone’s new address by their name is through social media sites. Facebook and LinkedIn are two major social media sites that often have people’s addresses located on them. You can try logging on these sites and search for someone’s name. This can often lead to their physical address, especially if it is a small business owner or you live in a smaller town. However, not everyone puts their address directly on their social media profiles, so this method might not reveal the results you are looking for when searching for addresses.

Traditional Phonebooks

A more traditional method of finding addresses is by using the traditional phone book. Many people, especially those who live in smaller, more rural towns, still get phonebooks in the mail each time they are updated. These phone books are full of current residences and landline phone numbers, which helps when you are searching for someone’s address. All you have to do is grab the updated phonebook, or most recent phonebook you have, scan for their last name first, find their first name, and look for their address.

Address Finding Websites

Perhaps the best and most efficient way to find addresses of individuals is by searching through something called an address finder website. There are several websites all over that help you do just that. All you have to do is input the information you know about the person, and the website searches through hundreds of records to find the person you are looking for and their address to go along with the information.

These websites require a bit of information to work properly, which means you will need to know the name of the person you are searching for, as well as various other tidbits like their phone number, their state of residence, recent moves, and more, can help you get the most accurate results. There are several amazing websites that help you find someone’s address, but one of the best websites is, which is a public record website that has quite a bit of information about people, their addresses, and more.


If you have recently lost touch with someone who you used to be close with, then you might want to know what they are up to and more. Sending them a letter or a card is a great way to say hello after lost time, and it is a great way to catch up without intruding too much into their busy lives. However, sending mail requires an address, which can often be hard to obtain, especially if you’re searching through hundreds of public records.

There are several ways to find addresses, and most are mentioned above. You can go the traditional route by searching through a phonebook, or you can search through several online methods to ensure that you are getting updated information. Some sources are not as efficient as others, but public records websites are a great way to get someone’s address. They will appreciate their mail, and you will feel as though you are reconnecting with a friend.