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Not knowing your birth father can cause a myriad of emotions. You may not understand why he left, whether he still loves and thinks about you or worse yet whether he is alive. Just deciding to find your father is hard enough because you do not know how it all ends up. The most important thing is to have an open mind. Do not have any expectations, this way you will not end up getting hurt. Technology has made it easy to locate parents no matter where they are in the world. For those saying “I don’t know my dad how can I find him,” here are tips that can help you find your birth parents.

Get all the Information You Have Together

It is easier to start with what you have and use it to get more information. In this case, do you know the names of your father, a place he used to live or work, his relatives, colleges or schools he attended and any other information? Your mother can be the best source of this information, but if she is not around or is not willing to talk about it, then you can try people who are around her life when you were conceived. It’s important you know where the conception took place.

If you have the names, the easiest way to start the search is on Google. Do an advanced Google search. This will give you an idea of people with such names. Check each result and jot down the relevant ones. If you know of their profession or where they live or last lived, you can add this together with their names when you carry out the advanced Google search. Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms are also places you can start the search. Some families have reunited through social media. If you have possible names of his relatives, you can carry out an online search. Once you locate the relatives, they can help you find your father.

The is also another alternative. This records all the names of USA citizens by the state. It may not give you much, but it may help you find their phone number if it is listed if not, use the address to mail them but remember to put a return address just in case he has changed the address. People Search engines may not have accurate information because some of it may not be updated regularly.

If you know where he schooled, you can try to contact the administration of that school. They may not give you his contact details, but you can write him a letter and ask them to forward it to him. The same goes if you know of someplace he worked, or if he is a member of a trade union.

I Don’t Know My Birth Father’s Name

This may seem like a difficult task, but it is not impossible. Even with little information, you can find your unknown father. If your mom is not willing to divulge the information, you can rely on the people who were in her life at the time of your conception. This is in case you were not adopted. You can start by checking your birth certificate. What does it indicate your father is? It may not list your birth father, but the person listed on the document may have vital information about your birth father.

You can get a copy of your birth certificate from your state of birth. If you were adopted, some states might not divulge this information. A baptism card is also another option. It may list him as your father but do not make assumptions that the man listed as your father on the certificates is your birth father.

Relatives such as uncles, aunts, and grandparents as well as longtime friends who were in your mom’s life at the time of conception may also have some information that can help you find him. People she worked with at the time of your conception, classmates, neighbors and anyone else who was in her life back then may also have all the crucial leads.

The journey to find my real father is full of uncertainties and can be overwhelming. You may end up digging more information than you were prepared to handle. Sometimes, you may reach dead ends and when you do not have a clue of what to do next, giving up can be a tempting option. This is why you need people who can help you through the journey. can help you track down your father fast and at an affordable rate.

Here, you will not only manage to find your father but get to know his current status, whether he is married, has any criminal records among others. It is also good to clarify all doubts about your biological father through DNA testing.