Find Records Fast:

If you need to find out who the owner of a vehicle is or pull up vehicle history reports, all you need is the plate number. Along with the vehicle identification number (VIN), the license plate number is a key identifier for a car, and it’s tied to quite a few records. Although you can look up a Kansas license plate through multiple methods, the simplest and quickest will be to do it online. Here’s how to find more information in seconds with just a plate number.

How to Perform a Kansas License Plate Lookup

The first thing you’ll need to do to check out a Kansas plate number is find a site that has a reverse license plate search option. is the best site for this and doing a background check. This is how you can search for a Kansas license plate on

  1. Visit the site’s homepage and select the Plate header to switch to that search method.
  2. Type in the plate number and choose Kansas from the dropdown box in the State field.
  3. Perform a search and wait for the site to return your results.

The search process itself only takes a couple seconds, and once it’s complete, the site provides the manufacturer, model, trim and year of the car. This can help you confirm that you have the right vehicle. You can then click the View Report option to get more information, including:

  • Vehicle history reports
  • VIN information
  • Vehicle ownership records
  • Registration information
  • Maintenance records

What’s the Source of the Information in the Report?

Considering all the information you can find through a reverse license plate search, it’s natural to wonder where it all originates. There isn’t one single source but many different sources that are used to accumulate all this information regarding the vehicle.

Of course, there are records from the Kansas Division of Vehicles. If there have been any insurance claims related to the vehicle, then those will have information on them to report. If the vehicle has ever been used as the collateral on a loan, then there will be a record of the lien. Mechanics who have worked on the vehicle will file their own reports about part warranties and repairs that they completed.

To put it simply, there are plenty of sources that will have information about a car, and this report puts it all together in one easy-to-read package.

What’s the Purpose of Looking Up a License Plate?

Why you look up a license plate is up to you, although there are some common reasons that people do it. You could want to find out who the registered owner of a vehicle is you see often because you’d like to purchase it. Or, if you’re interested in a car that’s already listed for sale, you can use a license plate lookup to do some research on it.

Running a search for a car’s plate number is a crucial step you should take before a purchase. If you don’t, you’re leaving yourself open to some serious potential issues, including the ones listed below.

A Stolen Vehicle

When someone steals a car, they often want to get rid of it for some quick cash. The last thing you want is to think you’re getting a great deal, only to find out that you bought a stolen car. By running the plate number, you can verify that the identity of the owner matches the seller.

Mechanical Issues

It’s everybody’s nightmare to buy a lemon, which is a car that has all kinds of issues. Of course, it’s not in a seller’s best interest to be forthcoming with you regarding whatever problems a car has. Since you can’t trust them to be impartial, you need to look into it on your own.

The information you find after a license plate search can paint a clear picture of a car’s history. You can see how many times it has changed hands, if it has gone to the mechanic regularly for maintenance, if it has been involved in any accidents or natural disasters, and what insurance claims have been filed for it.

It’s important to know what a car has gone through, especially because even after repairs, a car that has been in an accident or natural disaster may not have the same structural integrity as before. If there’s the potential for serious mechanical issues with a car, you should find out before you buy.


A Kansas license plate lookup can help you find just about everything you would want to know about a car, and when you do the lookup online, it doesn’t take you long, either. You could have the information immediately, and then it’s just about taking the time to comb through it. Whether you want to find out who the owner of a vehicle is or learn more about a used car, it’s only a search away.