Find Records Fast:

Do you want background information on someone you know? Are you curious if they have a criminal history? Do you need to find out if your son or daughter is in trouble? Many people will not talk about their past because of the nature of the crime. It could be embarrassing. Maybe they are looking for a fresh start. You still have a right to know what is already public knowledge if you have concerns.

It is reasonable that you might want relevant information regarding a third party. It might be a new neighbor. It might be someone you are going on a first date with. You might want to search for information regarding a loved one. You might also want to find out if someone is a registered sex offender.

You could possibly want to check for a DUI. What if somebody in your household didn’t return home overnight? Can you check police reports or look up mugshots online to see what happened? That’s definitely a possibility of using various online resources in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Most of the information is available to browse from the safety of your own home. You could be worried someone you have just met has a criminal history.

You can search court cases. You can even find out what is on the court docket. Maybe you want to find out if someone has a warrant. Perhaps you also want to find out if someone has been arrested. What happened after that? Did it result in a felony or misdemeanor? You can look up court records to find out. Maybe it’s your own court case. What about your own criminal history? Do I have a warrant? You may be worried there is a warrant for your arrest. You can find that information online.

Did you know you can also do a jail inmate search for Milwaukee? Milwaukee County inmates can be found through this portal. You can search by name to find out if someone you know is incarcerated.

The Wisconsin Circuit Court provides a website to look for court cases here. Perhaps you need results fast of a specific court case you were involved in or are just curious about.

The Wisconsin Department of Corrections has a sex offender registry list online here. This is where you can find sex offenders by location. Did you know all sex offenders in Milwaukee have to register per state law? This means the database will include those who live close to you. Maybe you have children and want to search your immediate area. Maybe you are moving to a residential area in Milwaukee. You might want to check this list before buying a house or renting an apartment.

You can view various criminals on the Most Wanted list here.
The Wisconsin State Crimestoppers page can be accessed through this site.

This information is meant to help regular citizens have information readily available. You may have suspicions about a particular individual. Maybe someone close to you is very guarded about their past criminal history. These tools may help you feel more at ease if you have any questions.