Find Records Fast:

You once had to drive to a courthouse to find valuable information about criminal records. These days most of the information about court cases, police reports and sex offenders can be found online in Montgomery County, Maryland.

Why would you want to look up this information? Maybe you want to find out if someone is in police custody. You might want to find out if someone has a warrant for their arrest. You might want to find out if someone is a registered sex offender. These are all important questions to answer if you have suspicions about a particular person. That someone could be your new neighbor. It might be a new co-worker. It could be your son, daughter or spouse. It could concern your own criminal past. The data is readily available so you can search online through your home computer or iPad.

You might want to check for a DUI or look up mugshots. You can perform a criminal record search if your loved one didn’t return home. You can look up court records or browse the court docket.

You can browse court cases in Maryland using this website.

The Montgomery County Court website has the official court schedule. You can also browse cases within these pages. You can search by name or court case number.

The Montgomery County Police Department allows you to search for outstanding warrants here. Maybe the person you know is currently in trouble with the police.

You can also search through the sex offender registry list on this page from the Montgomery County Police Department. Did you know every sex offender is required by law to register with this database?

You might need to see daily arrests. That valuable information is listed on this site.

Information regarding inmates also exists here.

What does this online access allow you to do? You can conduct a safe background check on any individual you have concerns about. We all want to feel safe where we live, work and play. You may have children at home. Perhaps you are worried about the possibility of a sex offender living close. That information can help you make decisions regarding that person.

You might want to look at mugshots. Perhaps you want to make sure a friend or relative isn’t in trouble. You might be paranoid about a new neighbor.

You might also need to check your own criminal past. Do I have a warrant for my arrest? When is my court date?

Maybe you want to see if someone is hiding something from you. Did they do something in their past? Was it a felony? Was it just a misdemeanor? Has the person been truthful with you? Many people who have been convicted will omit their past errors. You have every right to know if it’s public record. That’s why these tools allow you to take control. You can conduct a safe investigation to find out if a new love interest is being truthful. Maybe your relative has been acting strange or stressed. It might be very important to you to find out this valuable information.