Find Records Fast:

Do you think someone in your immediate circle has a criminal record? What about a neighbor? Is a loved one holding back information about their past? Do you need to do a minor investigation of your own? Are you curious about the possible criminal convictions of someone close to you? These are all questions people in Nassau County might ask.

It’s quite possible to find very relevant information in Nassau County, New York. You can find court cases, police reports and even look at mugshots. Why would you want to look up court records? Court records have an indisputable date about the crime in question.

Do you want to know if the person in question has a felony or misdemeanor? Do you want to check for a DUI? You might just want to find out if someone has a warrant for their arrest. What about you? Is the reason you are here because you have one simple question? Do I have a warrant for my arrest? Most of us have had a run-in with police. You may need more information on someone that has a heavy involvement in your life.

Is it that new special someone in your life? Are you dating someone that has raised many red flags? Do they seem fishy when you have a conversation about their past criminal background? Are you worried about your child? Are you worried about your other loved ones? Are you worried about your parents? There are so many instances when someone needs to look at police reports to see what others are doing or may be capable of.

In Nassau County, there is plenty of information available online. You can check out the court docket. This is the schedule of court events that will tell you when court cases are scheduled to take place.

Maybe you just want to find out if someone has been arrested. This is tough information to consume. You need to know. You might have to do a jail inmate search to find out for sure. It’s accessible online in Nassau County.

You can also find out if someone is a registered sex offender. Maybe you have a new neighbor that has raised several red flags. Maybe it’s a new person in your life that has raised suspicions. Maybe you have children and want to be as cautious as possible. Sex offenders can be found on the Division of Criminal Justice Services website. Sex offenders are required by law in New York to register to the list.

The Correctional Center for Nassau County in Long Island, New York is also online here. You can find inmates through this portal.

The Nassau County Court System can be browsed by visiting the following link.

More information from the Nassau County Police Department is available on this website. This includes the Most Wanted from Crime Stoppers.

You can also read the media coverage of crime here.

Nassau County is no stranger to crime. It just makes sense to do your own search when in doubt or when someone raises suspicions.