Find Records Fast:

Are you trying to find out if someone you know has a violent criminal record? Do you think a person you are close to is possibly not telling you everything? There is a way to search the criminal background of someone of interest in Oakland County, Michigan. You can learn the truth about the individual you are suspicious about. In fact, you can find out an incredible amount of information concerning what happened in their past. You can also find out if they are facing current issues with the police.

Maybe you want to look up a DUI arrest. Did someone you love not make it home? Did a co-worker not appear on Monday morning? You want to check police reports and court records but you just don’t know where to start.

Court records can be found here at the Oakland County Clerk’s office. You can check the court docket within this site. Many pieces of information are available from the Sixth Circuit Court legal records. There is even more information available here.

You can also view the Most Wanted list from the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department through this website. Maybe you want to see which criminals could be in your area or neighborhood.

You can do a jail inmate search here. You can browse by alphabetical order or enter a specific name in the search box.

Sex offenders can be found through the Michigan State Police website. Each individual sex offender is required to register by state law. It’s a useful site many residents check often to sleep easier.

Maybe you want to find out if someone has a warrant for their arrest. You might just want to find out if someone has been arrested. There are multiple reasons why an individual would want to access this information. Have they been booked? Are they in jail? How can I found out details about their possible release?

Maybe a neighbor is acting fishy around your children. You could possibly want to find out if someone is a registered sex offender. Maybe it is someone you will have a first date with. Maybe it’s a co-worker that makes you paranoid. Is it somebody who is giving you the creeps?

Your reason for looking up information might also be for yourself. Do I have a warrant? What did my mugshot look like? How will this information look to prospective employers? Is it even correct? You can find out that information with relative ease.

You may want to look at mugshots in the area. How can that be useful? Maybe you just want to be on the lookout for anyone suspicious. You might need to know the verdict of one or more court cases.

Your reason could include just wanting to find information about someone who never talks about their past. Do they have a long criminal history? Did they commit a felony? Was it a misdemeanor? Your ability to safely look up court records from the comfort of your home may be important. It’s easily accessible and also mostly self-explanatory. You can take advantage of that information anytime day or night since it is all online.