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You’re here because you want to do a warrant check in Okaloosa County. Don’t worry I will show you how you can look for Okaloosa County warrants online for free and in a matter of a few minutes. You will be able to see booking photos and find out why someone is wanted. You can see what crime a person is wanted for, when the warrant was issued and if it’s still outstanding. See if someone is wanted for a felony warrant, misdemeanor, bench warrant or has failed to pay child support and has been picked up by the police.

Okaloosa Wanted Person’s Search

  • See who’s wanted in Okaloosa County. Search for warrants by name and view mugshots and see why a person is wanted by the police.

Warrants Division

  • The Fugitive Warrants Unit is currently comprised of two full-time fugitive investigators. The primary responsibility of the fugitive investigators is to locate and arrest persons sought on felony warrants and other criminal process issued within the circuit court of Okaloosa County. Their priority is on older felony warrants and related criminal process. The two investigators also locate and arrest fugitives who are wanted in other jurisdictions that seek refuge in Okaloosa County.

Emerald Coast Crime Stoppers Most Wanted

  • See who’s wanted for crimes in the Emerald Coast.

Using the resources above you can see if someone is in police custody or if they are still wanted by law enforcement. The resources make it easy to search for wanted people by name. You can see when the person’s warrant was issued and view mugshots of the person who committed the crime and is wanted. So it doesn’t matter if you want to know if you have a warrant or if you want to see if someone else is wanted then the resources above will help you with that.