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You’re here because you are wanting to find inmates in Polk County in the last 24 hours, inmates who have been released and you’d in general just like to see Polk County jail inmates that are in custody. You also want to view mugshots of people who have been arrested. Once you conduct the jail roster search you will be able to view the person’s charges, view booking photos of people who are locked up in the county jail, see when someone may get out of jail and find out how much someone’s bond is to get them out of jail. You can also conduct a background check on someone for more in depth information.

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Iowa – Inmates on the Web inmate listings. You will be able to see the person’s name who is currently in police custody, the person’s booking date, mugshot of people who have been arrested in your area, offender ID number, description of charges, bond amount and how long they are expected to be in custody or have a trial date.

Released Inmates

Iowa – Search by first and or last name to see who’s been released in the past 24 hours from the Polk County Jail in Iowa. You can also search by offender ID# to see who’s no longer in jail and got out of jail.

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Florida – Polk County Florida inmate search to see who’s been arrested in Polk County Florida. Search for past and present inmates. No mugshot is available prior to 1994. Search for inmates in Polk County Florida by name, AKA, booking date and more. You can easily view Polk County inmates online for free by using this search. Find out who’s in jail in Polk County Florida and when they got booked in jail and when they may get out of jail. Provided by the Polk County Sheriff’s Office. You can also search for more Florida criminal records.

Using the resources above such as the des moines register to view inmates online and you will be able to see who got released from the Polk County Jail and who is currently still in custody by easily viewing inmates on the web online. If they already got sentenced and are in a federal prison then you can use our federal inmate lookup tool to help find someone in prison.