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Apparently, you’re here because you want to do a warrant lookup in Sarpy County Nebraska. Don’t worry I will show you how to find out who’s wanted by the police in Sarpy County. You can check if you have a warrant for your arrest or see if someone else does. You can search for warrants by name, warrant number, date of birth and more. You will be able to see why the person is wanted and for how long. You can view mugshots of people who are wanted as well. Doing a warrant check in Sarpy County is pretty easy if you have a name. You can search for felony warrants, bench warrants, failure to appear, misdemeanor warrants and people who are wanted for not paying child support.

Sarpy County Sheriff’s Office Active Warrant Search

  • Search by first and last name for active warrants. This database contains possible active warrants that are held by the Sarpy County Sheriff’s Office. The Sarpy County Sheriff’s Office requests that no citizen take any individual action in this matter. Only law enforcement officers can arrest people for an active warrant.

Most Wanted Child Support

  • View mugshots and booking photos of people who are wanted for non payment of child support. These are the most wanted fugitives for non payment of child support.

Sarpy County Most Wanted Criminals

  • View mugshots and photos of people who are the most wanted criminals in Sarpy County Nebraska. You can see why they are wanted and details about their case.

Using the resources above you will be able to find out who has a warrant for their arrest or if you have one too. You can get information on how to clear up a warrant and more. The resources will allow you to easily conduct a warrant search to view why people are wanted by the police and see what agency they are wanted by.