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You’re here because you want to check arrest warrants in Snohomish County Washington. You may want to know if you have a warrant for your arrest or if someone you know has an outstanding warrant for their arrest. Regardless of your reason, I will show you how to look up warrants online for free in Snohomish County. You will be able to see the person’s name who is wanted by the police and find out why they are wanted.

Snohomish Outstanding Warrants

  • For more information on misdemeanor warrants, call the District Court at 425-388-3331. For more information on felony warrants, call the Snohomish County Clerk’s Office at 425-388-3466. You can also view information on how to clear your warrant.

Warrant FAQ’s

  • View answers to these questions:

1.What do I do if my name or the name of someone I know is on the list?
2.How do I contact the Superior Court clerk?
3.What do I do if I know I have a warrant and my name is not on the list?
4.Why are there multiple charges listed within a single case?
5.What is the county’s privacy policy?
6.What is the county’s availability policy for the outstanding warrant inquiry page?
7.May I view the outstanding warrants inquiry?

Marysville Warrant Reports

  • Warrants are issued when a person fails to appear for court or fails to comply with a court order. The outstanding warrant report is for informational purposes only and is updated weekly. To see if a warrant is still valid OR for information about recalling a warrant, call 360-363-8050.

Everett Warrants

  • If you fail to appear and/or fail to comply with conditions of a sentence, the court may issue a warrant for your arrest. You must contact the court at 425-257-8778 to obtain information as to how to take care of your warrant. Also information on how to clear a bench warrant.

Washingtons Most Wanted

  • View the DOC most wanted, Washington State Patrol Most Wanted, Tacoma Police Department Most Wanted and Vancouver Police Department Most Wanted.

Using the resources above you will be able to look up people who are wanted by the police in Snohomish County Washington. You will be able to see photos of wanted fugitives or people who are wanted for child support and other misdemeanor warrants. You will also be able to look up people who are wanted for felonies.