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Do you want to find out if someone has a warrant for their arrest? Is it a potential felony or misdemeanor? What kind of charges if any do they face? How do you find out if someone has been arrested in Suffolk County, New York? Is it easy? Is it complicated? Do you have to make a dozen phone calls to several departments? Are you going to be on hold for hours just to find out one piece of vital information? Are you taking the hard route when you can actually do most of this online?

Can you possibly check police reports, court cases and look at mugshots online without making a phone call? The answer is yes.

How do you find the vital information you need while doing your own investigation? You need information quickly. Time is of the essence. You might need to know about the court docket. What time am I supposed to appear in court? Do I have a warrant for my arrest? These are important questions citizens of Suffolk County might have regarding their individual case.

You can also look up court records for previous cases. Do you know someone that is suspect? Do you want to know about their past criminal history? Court records are a good way to dive into that.

Many of us have at least one issue with the police during our lifetime. It might not be your incident that worries you. It might be a friend. It might be a loved one or a co-worker. You might need to check for a DUI. Your friend didn’t show up at work. Maybe your significant other didn’t come home at night. Are they in jail? You can actually do a jail inmate search to find out if they are safe.

Sex offenders are another issue. You may be moving to a different area. You might need to find out about your neighborhood. You might just have a person who has raised enormous red flags. You might have children and just want to be extra cautious. Can you find out if someone is a registered sex offender in Suffolk County, New York? Absolutely. You can search by name and address here.

The County Clerk accessible records are located in this portal from Suffolk County.

You can find out more about vehicle accidents in Suffolk County here.

You can even look up those who owe child support within the NYS Division. Not paying child support is a major offense in most states. You could be a mother or father who is doing without those payments. You have every right to look up the offender.

The court records, from the New York 10th Judicial District, can also be located online.

There are many resources to help the citizens of Suffolk County, New York research criminal history, current inmates and other miscellaneous offenses online.