Most likely the reason you are here is that you are looking for Travis County criminal records online or how to get access to them in person. You could want to look up a specific criminal court case in Travis County, maybe you want to see who got arrested last week or even check sex offenders. Whatever the reason I will show you how to get access to criminal records in Travis County Texas right now and more TX criminal records if you want.

Online Case Information

  • Search for criminal court cases by cause number and or by name. This criminal case search lets you gain access to various court cases that have felonies and other crimes involved.

Travis County Clerk of Courts Misdemeanor Search

  • Find misdemeanor court cases by name, offense date and more.

Travis County Inmate Search

  • See who is in police custody. Search for inmates by name and view mugshots, charges, when the person was arrested and more.

Travis County Warrants

  • Various resources and links to conduct a warrant search in Travis County.

Criminal Court Dockets

  • View district and county criminal court dockets.

Austin Registered Sex Offenders List

  • Citizens can search for persons in the registered sex offenders database using geographical information or names. This will help you locate sex offenders near you.

Travis County Warrant Search

  • See who has an outstanding warrant for their arrest in Travis County Texas. Search for warrants by name or cause number. (WOW search)

Central Warrants

  • The Central Warrant section is responsible for the timely entry of all warrants and protective orders received. These are entered into a local warrant system maintained by the Sheriff’s Office, as well as a state and national database. Before a warrant arrest, the staff must physically check the warrant or protective order to ensure it is still on file and active. This office does not maintain Class C Warrants of Arrest or information for Traffic Citations, etc. Class C Warrants are issued by the Municipal Court or the Justice of the Peace Precinct, in the jurisdiction where the Class C Offense occurred or the traffic citation was issued.

Class C Warrants

  • The Class C Warrants team helps citizens clear up their JP5 Class C misdemeanors and tickets. Currently, your Driver’s License can be suspended until you take care of these legal obligations. So if you have a child support warrant out for your arrest you can find out here.

Austin Police Department Warrant List

  • Search the Austin Police Department warrant database by name and or date of birth to find out who is wanted by the police for an outstanding warrant.