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Are you searching for criminal records in Venture County, California? Is there vital information you need surrounding someone specific? How can you find out if someone has been arrested? Maybe you want to find out if someone has a warrant for their arrest. You could want to just look at mugshots, browse police reports or court cases. What about doing a check for a DUI? Did someone I know get put in jail after drinking and driving? Is my friend in jail?

Was the crime a felony or a misdemeanor? How can I get in contact or help them?

Someone in your presence may also be acting suspiciously. Could you be living near multiple sex offenders? One sex offender is scary enough. You may have young children. You might need to know this information about your neighborhood. Perhaps you are moving into a new neighborhood. How can you find out if someone is a registered sex offender? Ventura County has the list available here.

Criminal and traffic information is available from The Superior Court of California website. You can look up court records or the current court docket. Maybe you need to find out if you have a court case on the schedule. Maybe you just forgot the date of the upcoming trial or need to look up a person’s criminal record.

The Ventura County Sheriff’s Department website also allows you do to conduct a jail inmate search. You can browse current inmates by name and date of birth. Maybe a relative or loved one didn’t show up overnight. Maybe your co-worker hasn’t been in to work for a few days. You could have many reasons to check the information online. It might help you sleep easier knowing what happened to someone you know.

The Ventura County Star also provides valuable information regarding the most wanted in the area.

The Ventura County Crime Stoppers website is here. You can look up mugshots online of serious offenders. Maybe you know some of the faces in the pictures. You can provide tips to local law enforcement to possibly get monetary rewards.

Maybe you are concerned about information regarding your own issues. Do I have a warrant for my arrest? How can I found out this information? Can I browse reports online without leaving the comfort of my home? The good news is most of the information is available online through various websites.

You can browse reports to make sure a friend or a relative isn’t in trouble. Maybe the new love interest in your life isn’t telling you the complete truth about their past. Do they have a criminal record? Are they a violent offender? Do you have reason to distance yourself from this person? These are valid questions if you have major concerns about the background of an individual in your life.

You can search for this information in relative ease from the comfort of your own personal home computer. It’s important to note contact information is also available through many of these webpages. This means you can call for information that isn’t available to you.