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Court records from the Alabama Judicial System are available online. You can access the records for a fee that is based on the nature of your search. The records are provided for convenience purposes only and should not be utilized for purposes that require official copies, but you can still look up a court case.

The records that are maintained by the Administrative Office of the Courts is for informational purposes only. The records are not considered official copies and may not be admissible in other cases or matters. If you require copies of documents for your court case, we recommend that you consult with an attorney or request paper copies from the Clerk of Courts in Alabama.

Searching for Alabama Court Records Online

The court system in Alabama allows for searching by case number and name. The individuals that you use for the searches may include defendants, plaintiffs, attorneys and other roles. The type of records that are available online are:

  • Criminal records
  • Civil records
  • Small claims records
  • State traffic records
  • Domestic relations
  • Child support case records

State traffic and criminal records include felony and misdemeanor cases.

Court Records Lookup for Alabama

The Administrative Office of the Courts provides several options for you to use when looking up and managing municipal and probate court records. These options serve specific interested parties, such as attorneys, students, parties and other individuals that may need access to the records.

  • AlaFile for users to submit and receive copies of court documents electronically
  • for paying court fees and fines with a credit card
  • Just One Look for accessing Alabama State Trial Court Records online
  • UJS portal
  • AOC E-File for filing court documents online

Using the Just One Look Portal to Find a Court Case

Just One Look is an easy and convenient access portal for locating records for municipal courts in Alabama. Records from traffic court, civil matters, felony cases and other types of court proceedings are maintained by the state of Alabama. Fees do apply for accessing the records online. To access the court dockets for the state of Alabama, go to and search by name or case number.

Information on the Alabama Online Record

Each case record for Alabama includes relevant information for the proceeding. Details that are provided include:

  • Setting Dates
  • Court Action
  • Information about the parties
  • Summary of case actions
  • Financial information, such as fees and fines
  • Images of documents used during the proceeding
  • Case results

Who Can Access Alabama Court Records Online?

A login and password are required for accessing Alabama court records online. Some information is gathered about you when you register and access the system.

  • Domain and IP address from which the record was accessed
  • Time and date that the record was accessed
  • Browser and operating system of the device or computer used to access the record
  • Pages that were visited while logged into the system

Using the Information Provided through Online Searches

Records that are available online may not be the most current or accurate court records. If you need official copies of Alabama court records, you can receive these through the mail or in person.

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