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How to Check Your Criminal History

If you want to find your criminal record for the state of Alabama, the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency provides a way for you to request the records. Criminal records are only available to law enforcement and persons who are requesting their own criminal records. Alabama does not allow for you to see if someone has a criminal history. The record that you will receive may include arrests, criminal charges, convictions, and mugshots. To obtain a copy of your criminal record,

  • Complete the Application to Review Alabama Criminal History Record Information
  • Attach a copy of your identification to the request
  • Attach two completed FBI Applications for Fingerprint cards
  • Include a $25 fee for obtaining the records

You can go to your local Sheriff’s office or police department for help with the fingerprint cards.

How to Search Criminal Court Cases

The Alabama Administrative Office of Courts offers an online portal with court case lookup options. The Clerk of Courts maintains the database, and it may not include the most accurate information. The public records include felony and misdemeanor cases. To access court records online, go to and use the Just One Look portal. From there you can search Alabama criminal court records by name, as well as misdemeanor and civil proceedings. Find out more about how to lookup a court case in Alabama or conduct a full background check in Alabama.

How to Find Sex Offenders

Sex offenders in the state of Alabama are required to register with the state law enforcement agency. If you want to search for sex offender records, go to and click on the link for “Search the Alabama Sex Offender Registry.” You can access the registry directly at

After accepting a disclaimer, you can search by name or address. To search by name, enter the first name, last name, zip code, city and county of the individual. You can include an alias search as well.

The address function allows you to search for a registered sex offender within a specific radius of an address, such as your home. Enter the address, city, zip code and distance to perform the search.

The results of the sex offender search shows:

  • Name of the registered sex offender
  • Address of the registered sex offender
  • Race of the registered sex offender
  • Gender of the registered sex offender
  • Last mugshot of the sex offender

You can view more details about the individual by clicking on the magnifying glass. This opens a page that includes a detailed physical description, last date verified, registration date and crime information that led to register as a sex offender.

How to Find Current and Past DOC Inmates

The Department of Corrections in Alabama provides online access to inmate information. You can perform a search at by entering the AIS#, first name, and last name. You can use the full name or part of the name to find a list of matching inmates. The results of the inmate search detail the date the individual was placed in corrections, length of sentence, time served, and other details. The information also states if the individual is eligible for parole.

Under the incarceration details is a list of charges that resulted in the incarceration. Each record shows:

  • Case number
  • Date sentenced
  • Offense
  • Term of sentence
  • Type of sentence (i.e., consecutive, concurrent)
  • County in which commitment was made