Find Records Fast:

There are a number of reasons why you may want to locate someone’s birthplace. You may want to know more about your new relationship partner, or you may want to complete your genealogy research on a particular ancestor. Irrespective of the reason, finding the place where a person was born can be an easy process if you have access to the person’s birth records.

1. Vital Records

The primary source of information of where somebody was born is his birth certificate. A birth certificate can be obtained from the state or county in which the birth event occurred. Other vital records that contain the information include death, divorce, and marriage certificates, which can also be obtained from the county or state where the event took place. To make the process even easier, you need to have vital information including:

• What hospital someone was born at
Full names of the person
• Person’s date of birth
Date of marriage

In the absence of the information above, you can use the indexes to the records. Check if the state or county where the birth of the person occurred provides the indexes.

2. Take Advantage of Newspapers

Newspaper obituaries and birth announcements may contain information about where someone was born. You will have to know the exact day when the person was born or died, so you can know when the newspaper published the information. Locating the current newspaper owner will also be necessary to help you access the old newspaper that contains the information.

3. Access Church Records

Church records including christening, marriage, and baptism documents may contain information about where someone was born. You need to know the church that the person attended to access his church records. You can approach the church staff and seek assistance in tracing the information. The church records custodian should be able to find the record once you submit the necessary details of the person. Necessary details to facilitate the search may include the name of the person, the name of the church where his marriage ceremony took place, and the date of the ceremony.

4. Interrogate People

Interrogating people about where an individual was born can be one of the easiest ways of getting the information. Relevant people who can provide the information include parents, siblings, a spouse, and close friends of the person. You may have to demonstrate your valid reason as to why you are in need of the information since some of these people may not be willing to share the information with you. Also, since some of them may provide you with only verbal information, it is possible that the information may be incorrect. If possible, ask them to provide any documentation that backs the verbal information.

5. Find the Information From Former Employers

If the person was once an employee, you can access his birthplace information from his former employer. Typically, people submit their important documents during job application. The documents submitted together with their resumes may include:

• Driving license
• National ID
• Birth certificates

These documents contain vital information that will help you locate the place where a person was born. Although most employers keep the information of their staff, some companies have policies that prohibit them from sharing information about their previous staff. In the presence of such policies, you can request a company staff to provide the information at a personal level instead of acting on behalf of the company.

6. Social Media

A social media platform such as a dating website may contain information about someone’s place of birth. The person needs to have signed up for the platform and completed his profile. You may also need to join the platform to access the person’s profile. Many social media websites have the “Search” tool that enables you to search a person by name. Once you find the person, you can access his profile to see if his place of birth is indicated.

Bottom Line

Seeking information about where an individual was born can be an easy task if you know the right procedure to follow. There are online tools that can help you complete the search without much hassle, and is one of them. The website is easy to navigate and allows you to conduct the search by the person’s name. Visit the website for more information and get help.