You’re here because you want to look up Columbus police reports online. You may want to find out about a crime that was committed in your area, see if someone was arrested or learn about a particular incident that happened near you in Columbus. Regardless of your reason, I will show you how you can find police reports for Columbus Ohio right now.

Columbus Police

  • Search for reports by police report number, search by last name and or business. You will be able to see the location, date and crime type. When you view the police reports you will be able to see the victims name, when the incident was reported, where the crime happened at and the type of crime it was. If it was theft, assault, discharging¬†firearms, a felony or something involving prescription drugs you will be able to find out. You can find out exactly what type of crime was reported and where it occurred.

City of Columbus Police Reports

  • The Division of Online Reporting Services. These online services will allow you to file and retrieve police reports, submit crime tips, and see reported criminal activity.

Types of reports and searches:

  • You can file an accident report
  • Retrieve an accident (crash report)
  • File an offense report
  • Search for an offense report
  • View area crime map

How to Get Copies of a Crash Report

  • Columbus Division of Police electronic accident (crash) reports are submitted to the Ohio Department of Public Safety (ODPS). Accident reports are available on the ODPS website once they have been submitted and accepted. Crash reports submitted via hard copy won’t be available by the ODPS for several weeks after submission. There is no cost associated with copies of accident reports obtained via the ODPS website.

Using the resources above you will be able to get police records in Columbus Ohio. You can search to see what a person went to jail for, if someone got in a car wreck, who the victim of a crime was and more.