There may be many reasons why you want to find out what a person went to jail for. You could have recently started dating someone and would like to find out their background. Or you could have a friend or family member that got locked up and you want to know their charges and or what they were convicted of. Either way, I’ll show you how to find out what a person is in jail for.

  • Sheriff & Police Department Inmate Searches

First, you want to start off with finding out the location the person was arrested. If you know the location then that makes it easier to find out where to do the inmate search. Let’s say the person was arrested in Grant County Indiana. Now I will do a Google search for “Grant County Indiana Sheriff’s Department” “Grant County Indiana Inmate Search” “Grant County Indiana Arrest Records” you get the idea. Just be specific on what you’re looking for.

Ok so now I did the search “Grant County Indiana Sheriff’s Department” and since most Sheriff’s Department will have an inmate locator or arrest record search this was my first stop.jail inmate search


So now I’m going to click on the link to the Sheriff’s Department website, even though the link below it seems to be exactly what I want. However, I’m going to show you how and what to look for on Sheriff websites so you can locate an inmate and their charges.

current inmates in jail locator


As you can see the Sheriff website has a link to Jail Current Inmates. I pointed a red arrow right at it. Some will have links to public records, inmate locator, arrest records and so on. You just have to take it by a case by case basis but most Sheriff and Police Department websites will have a link so you can see who is in jail.

Now I’m going to click on the Jail Current Inmates link.

currently booked inmates


As you can see the link has a list of currently booked inmates. It has the person’s mugshot, name, and date of birth but most importantly it has a details link. So now I’m going to click on the details link and see what we can find out about someone. What you’ll need to do though is find the person you’re looking for in the current inmate list and then click view details etc.

inmate charges


As you can see this person is in jail for violation of probation. Other Sheriff websites will also list the person’s address, bond amount, date of birth and much more. So there you have it. This is only one way to find out what someone went to jail for. I also have another way which is quicker and all you need is the person’s name and state to search for someone’s record.