Find Records Fast:

It is important to be an informed citizen. Many police agencies and departments have online tools that can help you keep your neighborhood safe. DuPage County has numerous resources available to look up many Illinois criminal records.

The Office of the Clerk of the Circuit Clerk
Do I have a warrant?” You can easily check on the DuPage County public information website. The site is available to everyone. The information is helpful when you need to find out if someone has a warrant. There are several ways to search throughout the records. You can search by court docket number, the name of the person, or by complaint number. The system allows people to look up court records or check for a DUI arrest. You can see if the cases are active or have been resolved. The Public Information website has all that data right at your fingertips.

DuPage County Sheriff’s Office Registered Sex Offenders List
If you are worried about the safety of your neighborhood, DuPage County has a sex offender list that is accessible to the general public. This website is a great tool to find out if someone is a registered sex offender. The website lists the name, address, and photo of the offender. Some cases will even include the charges and conviction details of the person. This allows neighbors to keep their area safe and be on alert if a suspicious person is in the neighborhood.

Sheriff’s Inmate Reference Information System
For those trying to find out if someone has been arrested, DuPage County has an inmate locator known as SIRIS. The website allows the general public to conduct a jail inmate search within the DuPage County system. Each search has information about police reports and upcoming court cases on the detained. The charges are usually listed with each inmate as well. You can check if the person was charged with a felony or misdemeanor. DuPage County’s locator also gives citizens the chance to look at mugshots of those who have been arrested. The page is helpful if your loved one is currently in the jail system. The site includes information for posting bond and visiting hours for each inmate.

DuPage County Sheriff’s Fugitive Apprehension Division
The DuPage County Sheriff’s Fugitive Apprehension Division asks for help in locating the suspects on its Most Wanted list. This site provides information on those fugitives from the law. There is a detailed description of the offender and mugshot available for each case. The 800 hotline is available for people to leave tips.

The DuPage County Crime Stoppers
The Crime Stoppers work in conjunction with the DuPage County Sheriff’s Office. Its website provides information for those who want to give tips about a case but remain anonymous. The Crime Stoppers have several ways that someone can leave their information. If the tip leads to an arrest and conviction, the tip provider will receive a reward.

DuPage County has several resources available to the general public. If you want to search criminal records, it is as easy as turning on your computer. You can stay informed about what is happening in your neighborhood.