Find Records Fast:

Do you want to find out if someone has been arrested in Franklin County, Ohio? Do you want to look at mugshots online to see if a person you know was recently behind bars? You might just want to check for a DUI arrest. There are many reasons why people want or need to search for criminal records. Most of it is public knowledge and available online.

Maybe someone just moved into your neighborhood. You may have young children. You don’t want them playing with their children at their house if another parent has major issues. You might want to find out if someone is a registered sex offender. You may have suspicions or you just like to be extra careful. Whatever the case, you can find out information you need to know by just visiting several websites.

Court cases, criminal records, and police reports are readily available in Franklin County, Ohio. You can find out if an offense was a felony or a misdemeanor. A court docket also includes scheduled times for court appearances. Maybe you forgot your actual court date. Maybe you want to be there for a relative in their time of need.

You can find out more information about a person in question with relative ease. You can look up court records. You can find out if someone has a warrant for their arrest. You might actually be curious and asking, “do I have a warrant?” There are many current outstanding warrants in Franklin County.

You can actually do a jail inmate search. Maybe a loved one, relative or person of interest didn’t come home or show up to work.

You probably have a good reason to search. Maybe your main goal is to find sex offenders. Maybe you just want to make sure someone you are dating doesn’t have a violent past. Maybe your son or daughter has been acting suspiciously.

Searching the Franklin County Municipal Court record database is simple. It can be accessed on this portal.

Warrants are listed here. This could answer the question about someone specific you have in mind.

The Franklin County Sheriff’s office has a list of people who are currently the most wanted.

You can browse current inmates in the Franklin County Sheriff’s office by name using this tool.

Sex offenders are also required to register here. The database allows you find out if someone you know is a sex offender. You can also search by the area you live in to find out about people you don’t know.

These tools are available to the public. They allow you to answer questions specifically when another person may not be truthful. Not many people will admit major errors in their past. Did they get arrested for violence? Did a new love interest do something criminal years ago? You might want to be pro-active and find out for yourself. Maybe you are afraid someone is trying to scam you or your family out of money. It might be a good idea to look records up just to see if there have been any issues in Franklin County, Ohio. It could provide you with more peace of mind.