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It’s bad enough that you and your significant other had to break up, but it’s even worse when they start seeing other people. Its normal behavior to be curious about whether your ex has moved on and with whom. Not that it would mend your broken heart or make you sleep better at night, but sometimes we just want to know whether they have found someone better than us. Fortunately, there are numerous telltale signs and ways to find out about someone.

How can you tell whether your ex is dating already?

There are many reasons why you would want to keep tabs on your ex. Perhaps you’re not ready to let go and secretly wish they would come crawling back to you. Maybe you hope that seeing them with someone else will give you a reason to finally move on or perhaps you just want to satisfy your curiosity for no reason whatsoever. Whatever your goals are, here are the most common signs that your ex is already getting freaky with someone else.

• They’re ignoring your calls and texts

If your ex consistently refuses to pick your calls, it could be a sign that they have found someone else. This is especially true if they have recently started this behavior for no good reason. The same could be true if they are not replying to your texts. Of course, ignoring one text or call is not enough for you to jump into conclusions. But it they ignore you three times in a row, chances are they are already with someone else. But make sure to spread out your calls and texts just to be sure.

• They never initiate conversations

Sometimes your ex will receive your calls and promptly reply to your texts but never initiates any conversations. This could also be a sign that they have already moved on. If you’re the only one who texts and calls, your ex is clearly not interested in talking to you. They are just being polite by not ignoring you. Stop attempting to initiate conversations for a week or so to see whether they will seek you out instead. If they still fail to get in touch with you during the entire period, take a hint.

• They have unfriended you on social media

Has your ex unfollowed you on twitter or unfriended you on Facebook? Have they changed their relationship status lately? If so, it is a sign that they don’t want you back. Social media is a great deal. It is a platform which most people use to express their emotions. If someone deletes you from their social profiles, they are simply declaring that they don’t want you back. It could mean that they have found new love, and they may not want you to see their relationship status or their pictures with their latest catch.

• Changes in behavior

If your ex suddenly changes how they act around you, it could be a sign that they have found someone else. For example, if they are not flirting around with you like they used to, have stopped being affectionate with you or have started acting distant all of a sudden, they have clearly moved on. This is true if you can’t find any reasonable reason to explain their sudden change in behavior.

How to find out who they are dating

If your current situation ticks most of the boxes above, then you have no choice but to conclude the obvious. It may not be something you might be willing to accept, but you don’t really have a choice on the matter. But learning that your ex has found someone else is sometimes not enough. Naturally, we often want to know whom they are dating too for obvious reasons. Here are ways to find out that information without being labeled a stalker.

• Mutual friends

If your ex is dating someone, they must have told some of their friends. If you share friends, you can easily ask some of them for such information. You don’t even have to reveal how much interested you are if you fear that your ex may find out you have been checking up on them. Just ask, casually, as if you’re merely curious. You can even wait until your friend mentions or talks about your ex before you ask such a question.

• Social media

Social media is a convenient platform for spying on your ex without violating their privacy or being invasive. You can use almost all social media platforms to achieve this—Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, you name it. Perhaps they have posted a picture with their new found love or updated their relationship status. You can still get updates about their activities even after they unfriend or unfollow you.

• Social networking

You certainly know your ex’s social routine. You probably know when they go out and where they like to go. You can use the opportunity to drop by casually if you think you’re strong enough to handle it. There’s a huge chance you may find them together with their new partners. They don’t even have to see you.

• Spying software

You may never get to this level unless your ex is making deliberate efforts to keep their new relationship a secret. But cell phone spying software has taken spying to a whole new level. It can give you access to smartphone data such as photos and videos, email, web browsing history, incoming and outgoing messages and GPS location. Sometimes you don’t even need physical access to their phone!


There are many ways to tell whether your ex has moved on and with whom. But before you even decide to seek such information, be prepared for any eventuality. Sometimes finding out that your ex has found someone else can tear you apart emotionally, and you should be sure you can handle it. Spying on your ex is okay. Just make sure you are not violating their privacy or equally violating your self-esteem. Finally, if indeed your ex has found greener pastures, it is important that you find a way to get over them, too.