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If you ever need to obtain more information on a car, whether you want info on the car itself or the people who have owned it over the years, the only thing you need to look it up is its plate number. All cars in Kentucky have license plates, and the plate number is a unique identifier tied only to that car. This is how the authorities would track the owner down if a crime was committed used the car, and this is also how you can learn more about the car through a reverse license plate search.

Here’s how to go through the Kentucky license plate lookup process, what you could learn when you do and how the things you learn could be helpful for you.

Ways to Perform a Kentucky License Plate Lookup

So, you’ve got a plate number, and you want to find out who owns this vehicle by their license plate number or pull up some vehicle history reports. You can do this through either the Kentucky DMV or through a site with a license plate lookup option.

If you wish to get the information through the DMV, you can call the DMV, you could mail it a letter or you could go to a local branch yourself. Although these options are all simple enough, none of them are the fastest or the most convenient way to go.

The fastest and most convenient route is undoubtedly to go online to a site that allows license plate lookups. is one of the most popular options for its speed and all the information it delivers such as background checks and license plate lookups. If you’d like to search for a car on, this is how you can do it:

  1. Go to the home page.
  2. Click Plate. This is one of the headers, and it allows you to choose the license plate search option, as the site also has other search options available.
  3. Enter the Kentucky license plate number you have into the search field.
  4. Go to the dropdown menu below the State header and choose Kentucky.
  5. Press the Enter key or click Search.

You can expect the site to bring up a result in just seconds. If you were only looking to confirm that the plate number matches a specific make and model of car, you can do that immediately, because the site will first show you details on the car that’s tied to that plate number, including:

  • The model year
  • The make and model
  • The body style

Don’t worry though, as this isn’t the only information you can pull up. By clicking View Report and signing up for an account, you can check out much more about the car.

Information You Can Find with a License Plate Lookup

There’s quite a bit of information tied to a car. Here’s what you’ll learn after a license plate lookup and how you could put this information to use when buying a car.

VIN Information

The vehicle identification number (VIN) is similar to the plate number in that it is unique and tied to that specific vehicle. Normally, it’s used to look up cars. When you search for a plate number, it’s wise to have the VIN from the car recorded. Check that this matches the VIN that should be tied to the car according to your license plate lookup. If it isn’t, that’s a sign that the seller doctored the VIN on the car to mislead buyers.

Vehicle Ownership Records

You can immediately find out who the owner of a car is through a plate lookup, and it’s good to do this so that you can ensure the seller is the true owner of the car. The registration information also tells you this, but you can never be sure that a seller hasn’t doctored that. Along with finding current owner info, you can see how many owners the car has had, which could indicate how well it has been treated.

Vehicle History Reports

A history report can tell you all about a car and what has gone on over that car’s lifespan. Much of this you’ll be able to skim through, as you don’t need to know the details of every time the car had some maintenance work done. But you should pay attention for any accidents or thefts involving the car. Incidents like these are red flags that indicate the car is no longer in the condition that it was before. Even if you still want the car, knowing about these incidents could help you get a better deal through negotiation.


You can’t always trust the information a seller tells you or even shows you about a car, and on a big purchase like this, it’s important to do your homework. A license plate lookup is a simple, effective way to check out a car and learn some more about it, helping you decide if it’s the right buy.

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