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You’re here because you are wanting to do a Maryland Judiciary Criminal Case Search. That’s no problem. You will be able to search Maryland criminal court records online in a matter of minutes. The state of Maryland has given the public access to case records for members of the public to search for court cases and opinions online. You will be able to search criminal records for free in the state of Maryland to find out if someone was convicted of a felony or to find out if your neighbor has a criminal record. I don’t know what your reason is but if you’re looking for case records in Maryland you can find it in a few minutes by searching the court records.

Maryland Judiciary Case Search

  • Search civil, criminal, traffic, civil citation, both circuit and district courts, all counties and filing dates. You can search court records online at no cost in the state of Maryland to find out if someone has been convicted of a crime before.

Maryland Courts

  • Courts directory and how to’s.

Maryland Court Records

  • CASE SEARCH provides public access to case records originating within the District Court and Circuit Courts.
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    See Access to Court Records, a Legal Help topic that explains:
    What Are Court Records?
    How to keep information from the public
    Expungement of a criminal record

Clerks Office

  • Criminal

Felony and certain misdemeanor charges filed by the Grand Jury or the State’s Attorney
Appeals from the District Court and requests for jury trials

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Using the resources above you will be able to conduct a Maryland Judiciary Case Search to find out if a divorce is finalfind out someone’s criminal history, check the results of a court case, find out if someone got arrested and more.