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You’re here because you want to check for warrants in Montgomery County. You may ask yourself, “Do I have a warrant?” or you may want to know if someone you know has a warrant for their arrest in Montgomery County. Either way, I will show you how you can find out who’s wanted in Montgomery County Texas in a matter of a few minutes. You will be able to view mugshots online, check a person’s background, see what someone is wanted for, when the warrant was issued, see if it’s a bench warrant for failure to appear, a felony or misdemeanor warrant for child support. You will be able to find all this in just a few minutes.

Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Warrants Division

  • Felony and Misdemeanor Criminal Warrants are received from the District and County Courts. District and County court warrants are securely maintained in the warrant division office. When the fugitive is apprehended or the warrant is cleared by other methods, the warrant is returned to the court clerk of its origin.
  • The Criminal Warrant Division focuses on the management and execution of criminal arrest warrants. The Criminal Warrant Division is the central depository for warrants issued by the District, County, and a few from the Justice of the Peace Courts.
  • The division is tasked with ensuring that warrants are properly entered and filed in the in-house data system along with the Texas Crime Information Center (TCIC) or the National Crime Information Center (NCIC).

Montgomery County Crime Stoppers

  • Do you have information about a felony crime committed in Montgomery, Liberty or San Jacinto County? Would you like to give this information to the proper authorities, but don’t want to get involved for fear of retribution? Help find wanted suspects and solve crimes.

City of Conroe Warrant Information

  • If you failed to appear on the arraignment date (due date) of your citation, fail to make your payment as your contract stated or failed to complete your defensive driving within your given time, your citations may become warrants. If your citation becomes a warrant you must appear before the Judge on either Tuesday at 2:00 p.m. or Thursday at 2:00 p.m. Your warrants cannot be pulled unless you appear before the Judge or you pay your fines in full to the Court.
  • If you have questions about your warrants you may call the Conroe Municipal Court Warrant Office, Officer J. Everitt at 936-522-3246 or Officer R. McCreary at 936-522-3387, or send an email below. Warrant Officers check their mail daily

Using the resources above you will be able to check for arrest warrants in Montgomery County Texas. You can see if someone is a felon and is wanted for questioning on a case by accessing the crime stoppers website and you can do a child support warrant search as well. You can easily find out who has a bench warrant for unpaid tickets or failure to appear and much more Texas criminal records online.