Find Records Fast:

You’re here because you want to look up Orange County arrest records online or in person. You may want to find out if someone you know has been arrested in Orange County or you just want to browse some mugshots online. Regardless of your reason I will show you how to check arrest records in Orange County without paying a fee. You can see a person’s charges, view booking photos, jail logs, see what inmates have been released and see who is still in custody in Orange County. These resources make it easy to search for criminal records in Florida.

Orange County Clerk of Courts Record Search

  • Search for records by case type, case number and or by name.

Inmate Search by Name

  • You can find out who’s in jail by searching for their name and by viewing the daily booking list.

Orange County Mugshots

  • View mugshots of individuals that have recently been booked into jail. You can view the person’s charges, name and booking date.

Public Records Request

  • Information on how to request from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office police reports, criminal history, and more public record requests that you may have.

Florida Department of Corrections Inmate Search

  • See who’s currently incarcerated and where in Florida.

Using the above searches you can find out if someone has been arrested in Orange County Florida, you can view mugshots, check jail booking logs, find out when someone is getting released and gain information on why a person got arrested. Use the inmate and arrest searches to help you find the information you need about an arrest.