Find Records Fast:

Are you curious to know if someone in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has a criminal record? Is there something off about your neighbor? Are you dating someone new and want to find out about their past? You might be digging for information online to find out more. You’ve asked tough questions but they just haven’t answered. Maybe it’s someone your friend or loved one has just met. You might want to find out about their background. There are quite a few resources available online to help with your personal investigation.

You might want to find out if someone has a warrant. Your complete desire could be to find out if someone has been arrested. Was it a felony? Was it a misdemeanor? How can I check for a DUI? How can I do a jail inmate search? These are reasonable questions if you are in panic mode because a loved one didn’t come home overnight.

You might just be curious if people living close by are sex offenders. You might want to find out if someone is a registered sex offender because you’re romantically involved.

The good news is most court cases and police reports can be found online in Philadelphia. You can look up court records and even look at mugshots. You can find out what’s on the court docket for the next month. Maybe you ask yourself, “do I have a warrant for my arrest?” It’s all available.

Sex offenders can be found in the Megan’s Law Public Application. You might wonder if you have a neighbor who is registered. You could have met someone who has prompted some red flags. A sex offender is required by law to register. You might just simply be moving to a new area and have kids. It’s okay to be cautious.

The Department of Corrections has an inmate locator. This allows you to search by name and inmate number in the corresponding county. Maybe your loved one did not come overnight. The inmate locator allows you to find peace of mind if they are missing. Perhaps you need to check on an old friend or colleague. You might want to check on a person who was involved in criminal activity related to you.

Court cases within Philadelphia can be searched using this website. You can search by the Defendant’s name or court case date to find more information. The calendar for the Philadelphia court system exists here. This way you can view upcoming cases. The Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania has more in their web portal. There are additional dates available within the Common Pleas Docket Sheet.

The information for most cases, arrests and mugshots is available online through the resources listed above.