Find Records Fast:

Who Are You?
Much of the time, we can trust people. We trust the nice lady at the daycare, the guy on Tinder, the person on Craigslist who wants to buy your hiking poles. Usually, our trust is well-placed — but not always. There are situations in which it’s important to find out if someone has been arrested.

Check For Your Kids’ Sake
When you’re placing your children in someone else’s hands, it’s important to check first. It’s important to find out if someone is a registered sex offender, for example. Even if you look at mugshots for a half-hour and find nothing in police reports or court cases, it’s good to know you’ve done your homework.

Don’t Date Dangerously
Sex offenders can be anyone. Though statistically, women are very aware that they need to be safe on a date, it’s a good idea for anyone meeting a stranger to look up court records and court docket information, find out if someone has a warrant or a felony, or check for a DUI offense before going out. Taking time to check is crucial if your date will take place in isolated locations like the woods or a park.

How to Check?
In Pima County, court information is public record. One great all-around resource is the Pima County Consolidated Justice Court online. With basic information such as a case or complaint number — or simply a first and last name — you can perform some important fact-checking including DUI, civil and criminal cases, misdemeanor crimes, evictions, and others.

If you need to perform a jail inmate search in Pima County, the website for the Pima County Adult Detention Center is an easy-to-use resource that contains information on people currently in custody.

You may be more concerned about protecting your home and family. If you want to perform a search of offenders near your home, business, school, or other address, consult the iCrimeWatch site through the Pima County Sheriff’s Department. You can sign up through that site to receive email alerts if a published offender registers within a radius of a specified address.

Additionally, for a small fee, you can request a police report from the Pima County Sheriff’s Department, with some limitations as specified on the site.

Finally, if you know a crime has been committed, but you’re concerned about calling the police due to a fear of retaliation, 88-Crime protects your identity when giving information. Online and mobile tips are encrypted, and you never have to give your name. For victims of domestic violence, this site can literally be a lifesaver.

Check Yourself
One final area of inquiry might be surprising: yourself. If you’re applying for a new job, it’s important to ask, “Do I have a warrant?” For instance, if you were arrested (but not convicted) longer than seven years ago, would-be employers shouldn’t be able to see it. If they do, it’s important to contest that information. Bottom line, keep yourself safe.