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You’re here because you would like to search for Ramsey County warrants online or in person. You may ask yourself the question.. “Do I Have a Warrant?” or you may want to find out if someone has a warrant for their arrest in Ramsey County Minnesota. Only you know why you know why you want to look for wanted people in your area. You may be curious about who the most wanted people are in your state or you just want to look at mugshots of fugitives from justice. Anyways I will show you how you can conduct a free warrant search in Ramsey County to find out who is wanted by law enforcement. You’ll be able to view booking photos, what their charges are, when the warrant was issued and if it’s a felony warrant, misdemeanor, bench warrant or a warrant for failure to pay child support.

Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office Warrant Search

  • An arrest warrant, which calls for the immediate apprehension and arrest of a person, is issued by a district court judge as a result of a suspected commission of a crime and/or failure to follow an order of the court, such as a violation of probation or pre-trial supervision.

OWS Online Warrant Search

  • The Online Warrant Search (OWS) is a web application designed to allow citizens, community members, crime victims and partner organizations to search and view public information regarding individuals who have an active arrest warrant. The OWS is intended to be used for informational and public safety purposes.Warrants are issued by the district court; the Sheriff’s Office does not issue warrants. The Sheriff’s Office processes arrest warrants as required by state statute and offers the OWS as a public service.

Turn Yourself In

  • Individuals with an active arrest warrant can turn themselves in 24 hours a day, seven days a week at the Adult Detention Center.

Using the resources above you will be able to see if a person has an outstanding active warrant for their arrest in Ramsey County Minnesota. You can find out what a person’s charges are and when a warrant was issued on someone. Doing an arrest warrant check online for free takes only a couple of minutes and you’ll be able to search for warrants by a person’s name to see if they are wanted by the police. You will also be able to find out if someone is in police custody or find out if someone has already been arrested.