Find Records Fast:

In the interest of promoting public welfare and awareness, the County of Riverside has tried to make its judiciary record available and easy to access. The following five resources are excellent ways to look at mugshots, see if someone is a registered sex offender, look at a relevant police report, or find out if someone has been arrested.

County of Riverside Court Records Search

This search page allows you to access Riverside County’s Superior Court record. Under the online services tab of the county’s website, you can find The Riverside Superior Court’s Public Access page, which allows you to conveniently find case information online. It has the court records for civil, small claims, family, probate, criminal, and traffic cases; additionally, you can view relevant warrants, police records, and documentation related to a given felony or misdemeanor. Note that this service charges a small fee for certain searches, but much of the website’s information can be viewed for free.

County of Riverside Public and Official Records

With this feature, the County of Riverside’s website also allows you to perform a more wide-ranging search of public and official documents. For a fee, you can look at business and vital records. These documents dictate and record legalistic life events that have occurred for the residents of Riverside, making this the perfect search option for public records relating to birth, marriage, death, divorce, and child support.

Riverside Sheriff Corrections Calendar

On the Riverside County Sheriff Department’s website, you can make use of their Daily Court Calendars, which make it very easy to find out if someone has been arrested. It provides information on the inmates in every one of the jails in Riverside County, and it updates every day that court is in session. It also has the relevant arrest records for the inmates, including the date and time that they were arrested.

Riverside Police Department Megan’s Law Database

If you want to see if someone is a registered sex offender, the Riverside Police Department website has provided a link to the State of California Megan’s Law database, which has information on all of the sex offenders in California. Follow the link to the database, and you will be able to search for sex offenders using either their name or a map that displays their place of residence.

Riverside Sheriff Jail Information System

This search option, provided by the Riverside Sheriff Department website, allows you to perform an inmate search for people currently held in a Riverside jail. You can look at mugshots and find out the details of any felony or misdemeanor a given inmate might be accused of; the police report is also provided.