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If you’re looking for information that can be hard to track down or you’re hoping to find someone, you may be considering using a private detective. That can be helpful, but the first thing to ask yourself is, “Should I hire a private investigator?”. Maybe, if you can afford the expense, but is a private investigator worth it? You can find out below.

The Cost You’ll Pay

So, how much does a private investigator cost? Anywhere from around $40 to $300 for each hour of service. They often have past experience in the law enforcement field which means they know what they’re doing.

In other words, if you want to work with an established private detective firm, it may dent your bank account by several thousand dollars. That’s a pretty hefty cost and makes other options look pretty good. You can simply be your own private eye, and it’s easy to research someone on your own and look up records.

How Research Works

When trying to research someone, a PI will make public records their first stop. There is a lot of information out there such as birth records, public offenses and marriage dates. These can help you discover:

  1. Given and surnames
  2. Important dates
  3. Contact numbers and locations
  4. Other residents in the household
  5. Professional licenses
  6. Court records and convictions
  7. Traffic history
  8. Local sex offenders

Private Eyes don’t always want the public to realize that anyone can access these records. Really, they’re just doing all the work for you, but you can easily do it yourself.

When you use our site, you can be your own private eye. You can search through innumerable sources and available public records, and a background check will usually have the following information.

Address Information
Find out where someone is living and where they’ve lived before to help you find them more easily.

Contact Numbers and Email
This area of the report will show you available contact information such as email or phone numbers, past and present, so you can get hold of someone that you’d like to get in touch with.

On the timeline, you’ll see a person’s life events unfold in chronological order with information such as birthdate, moving dates and more. These are the types of things you’d expect to find in a background check. It’s a lot like the documentation a detective would put together, but you’ll have access to as many reports as you like at one price.

School and Work History
The records you’ll have access to will also show you someone’s achievements in school and work. You can discover where and when someone has attended school, whether they graduated and the employment they’ve held.

Premium Access
As comprehensive as this information is, you can get more extensive data as your own detective by taking advantage of premium reports. For an extra charge that you pay once, you’ll have access to information from less common or more costly sources, and that can help you be more precise in your search.

For example, you can learn about someone’s financial history. Items such as whether they’ve filed bankruptcy or have any liens against them can be found through these additional premium resources.

Why Pay Someone Else When You Can Do It Yourself?

Hiring a detective can be the right choice for you if you have plenty of money in your account and don’t mind spending it or if there are things you’d simply rather not research on your own.

However, first see if the following are true, and if so, you can get what you need from

  • You want to discover facts about someone
  • You don’t mind doing the work
  • You don’t want to spend a lot of money

Use us today to get all the information you need right at your fingertips.