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How do I find out if someone has been arrested in Wayne County, Michigan? Did my loved on get a DUI? Does my new boyfriend or girlfriend have a criminal history? What is my neighbor really like?

There are many resources available to look up police reports, court cases or to just look at mugshots. You may have a very good reason to find out what someone has done in their past. Most people will not talk about issues they have experienced with the wrong side of the law. You might want to do a little investigating on your own. It’s now easier than ever with online resources.

You can check for a DUI. You can find out if someone is a registered sex offender. You can even do a jail inmate search.

You may also wonder, “do I have a warrant in Wayne, County Michigan?” It’s simple to find out if someone has a warrant through online resources.

You can look up court records to see which offense was a felony or a misdemeanor. You can check the court docket to see which cases will take place on a specified date. The information isn’t secret. It’s mostly public knowledge. You just have to know where to look to find it.

How do you do it? You can make an inquiry for jail inmates at the Wayne County Sheriff Connect. This simple tool allows you to search by name and booking date. You can find out if a loved one is incarcerated. You can see if a friend needs help. You may just wonder about a fellow co-worker.

You may wonder if your neighbor or someone you know is a sex offender. You might be moving into a new area. You may have young children and your choice may be dictated by whether a registered sex offender lives close by. You can look in the Michigan State Police Offender Registry here. Sex offenders are required to register by law. You can check to see if the person you have questions about is on the list.

Wayne County Sheriff Connect also has a list of all courts within the county. You can find contact information and addresses for each individual court in the county. This is an excellent resource for those new to Wayne County as well.

Court records for Wayne County exist online here. You can review cases in Wayne County, Michigan. Was the verdict guilty or not guilty? Did it result in a felony or misdemeanor? The records are public knowledge and typically available.

Additional police reports for Wayne County are online as well.