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You’re here because you want to know who’s in jail in Orange County. You may want to find out why someone got arrested, if the person is a felon or maybe you just want to view mugshots of people that are locked up in OC. There could be numerous reasons why you want to know who’s in police custody. I will show you how to search arrest records and view the list of current inmates in Orange County California.

Orange County Sheriff Inmate Info

  • Find out such things as:

Locate an Inmate
Find out an Inmate’s Court Date
Send Money to an Inmate Account
Post bail/bond for an inmate
Pickup an Inmate’s Property
Exchange an Inmates Clothes
Write to an Inmate

Search Inmates by Name

  • Find out who’s locked up by searching for their name in the arrest database. This database will contain individuals who have recently been arrested and booked into the system.

Orange County Inmate Records

  • Inmate Records is a 24 hour 7 day a week operation which entails booking, computing sentence ending dates and ensuring all inmates are scheduled for court within the established guidelines as set by law. On an average court day, there are over 400 inmates that need to be processed either by computing a sentence and/or updating the inmate for a future court date.

Anaheim Police Inmate Search

  • See who’s in custody at the Anaheim Police Department. You can search by name to find out who’s been arrested and what for.

The resources above will help you to locate a person who has been arrested or that you think is in jail. You may search the arrest databases to find out who is currently in police custody and what they have been charged with. Also, you can find out when they will possibly get out of jail or run a background check on someone too.