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You’re here because you want to see who’s in jail in San Diego California. You may want to know when someone got arrested, why the person went to jail and or when the person is expected to be released from jail in San Diego. When you use the inmate search in San Diego you will see the person’s charges, why they are in police custody and view mugshots and much more.

San Diego Arrests

  • Search for people who have been arrested in San Diego by name. You can view the person’s charges, when or if they have been sentenced, bond amount and more.

California Inmate Locator

  • The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) provides this Inmate Locator as a public service to promote public safety and welfare while giving access to selected offender information.

San Diego County Inmate Logs

  • View new arrest reports by the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department. You can see who was arrested, who arrested them, the person’s name, address, DOC#, the person’s occupation and where they are in custody at. The daily arrest records are viewable in PDF format.

Federal Bureau of Prisons San Diego

  • Resources for inmates and those who have family or friends that are locked up.

The resources above will help you find out who’s locked up in San Diego. You will be able to view the jail logs to view recently arrested individuals, see what crimes a person has committed that wound them up in jail, see when a person may get out of jail and how to contact them. You will be able to search for people that went to jail by name, arrest date, booking number and more. The resources above make it easy to find out who’s incarcerated in San Diego.