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The Benton County WA Jail Roster is available for public search:

Law enforcement officials in Benton County Washington have deemed it beneficial to the public interest to make a large volume of information about inmates available to everyday citizens. Recent arrests made in the past 24 hours (even those who were arrested last night) up to the last 72 hours are viewable, as well as relevant but less recent records, such as those who were arrested last week.

What kind of information is available for public viewing?

When a visitor makes use of the inmate search, a bevy of information will be laid out at their fingertips. Among this data the user will find out if someone went to jail, including the date booked — when someone was booked into jail. Alongside the ability to view mugshots online, you will also be able to view someone’s charges and inmate number.

Why is it important for the public to have access to this information?

There are many situations that call for the information contained in a full list of current inmates. Many inmates are incarcerated for very serious offenses, ranging from drug charges to burglary and armed robbery. Being able to view someone’s charges and see who’s in jail can provide you with a peace of mind that can only be achieved by knowing your family and home are safe.

What are some of the practical uses for the available information about inmates?

If you know someone who is in police custody, you may wish to use the jail roster to check when someone is getting out of jail. If you need to check an employee’s record for DUI, or you want to know if someone is guilty of a misdemeanor or felony — that information is publicly available and easy to locate using the Benton County database. Do you have concerns that you may have an arrest warrant yourself? You can access that information through this database and make sure. If you are attempting to help pay someone’s bail bond, you will be able to check such details as the relevant bond status and bond amount. If someone has been detained and you want to know the cause of their arrest, you can easily do so using the tools provided by Benton County law enforcement officials.