Jail Roster and Inmate Lookup For Clark County Washington:

In the interest of public safety, the Clark County Washington jail roster has been made available to be searched by anyone who has access to the internet. Whatever the cause of your visit may be, you can perform an inmate search, view a list of current inmates and their mugshots online, and find out if someone went to jail. This convenient, easy to use database is maintained by the sheriff’s office of Clark County.

What information has Clark County law enforcement made available?

When you search the Clark County jail roster, you will be able to acquire a wide variety of information on everyone who is in police custody in that jurisdiction. In addition to giving you the ability to view someone’s charges, the inmate search will also let you see someone’s booking date and release date. All recent arrests are included. Whether the inmate was arrested last week or last year: if they have been in police custody at any point within the past 24 hours, their information is available and fully searchable.

Why is this information important to have?

This information has been deemed a matter of public record. Thus, in the interest of the community’s safety and security, the sheriff’s office has made it available for citizens to search at their leisure. It is important for law enforcement officials to be quickly able to see who’s in jail. This database allows them to keep tabs on dangerous criminals, who have been detained for everything from drug charges to burglary and armed robbery. If you are concerned that you or someone you know has an arrest warrant, that information is also available.

What are some of the practical uses of this information?

There are a wide variety of situations in which it could be useful to have access to a list of all currently incarcerated inmates. Regardless of whether someone has been arrested on misdemeanor or felony charges, you can find out when someone was booked into jail and also view their bond amount, when relevant. Maybe someone you know has been incarcerated, or you want to know when someone is getting out of jail. A simple search can let you know everything you need to. Whether you are trying to pay someone’s bail, checking to see if your friend was arrested last night for DUI, double checking a court date, or concerned about the whereabouts of someone you know: you can find the information and peace of mind you seek by making use of these tools.