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You’re here because you want to see who’s in jail or recently been arrested in Davidson County Tennesee or more specifically probably Nashville. Am I right? You want to check out the details of an arrest and or see if a friend of yours has been arrested. You may just want to browse around and see who’s been arrested in your area just to kill some time, who knows why you want to look at arrests but I will show you how to find out who’s been booked in the county jail and check if someone is being held in police custody.

Davidson County Sheriff’s Office Inmate Search

  • Search for arrests by name. You can view the inmate details as to why the person was arrested, where the person was arrested at, when they were booked, JMS number and when they may get out of jail. This arrest record search for Davidson County and the Nashville area makes it easy to see who’s been arrested in Nashville by name and or see who’s recently been booked in jail.

Public Case Search Nashville

Using the resources above you will easily be able to see who’s in jail in Nashville and check if someone you know got arrested or not. You will be able to find out if someone was convicted of a crime in the past and check court cases to view a person’s criminal history. You’ll be able to look at booking photos and how many times someone got arrested.