Find Records Fast:

If you’re trying to obtain more information on a person, one detail you may want to know is where they’ve lived in the past. In many cases, you can find out where someone use to live online, provided you know where to look.

There are many resources available that claim to help you find where a person used to live, but some work much better than others. This guide will cover the easiest ways to obtain this information. Different methods work depending on whether you want to find a previous address or just the cities where the person once lived. It can often be helpful to find previous cities first, as this information can make it easier to locate additional information on a person, including their old addresses.

Find Previous Cities

Tracking the cities where someone has lived usually isn’t too difficult, and a good starting point in your search is social media. If the person has a Facebook profile, you can check their current city, their hometown, and where they went to high school and college, assuming they’ve filled out that information and chosen to make it public. If they’ve listed previous employers, you could also see where those employers are located.

Instagram may also be useful in seeing what cities a person has lived in, although how you can obtain this information isn’t as obvious as it is with Facebook. There are no fields for a person to fill out their hometown or where they went to school. What you need to do instead is look through their photos. Instagram photos often have location tags, and with a little detective work, you can get an idea of where the person has been. Of course, you need to figure out which photos were taken during vacations and which actually indicate where the person lived, but that’s where the detective work and your own intuition come in.

Search engines may also help you find cities where a person has lived in the past. The more information that you have on the person, the more you can refine your search terms to find what you’re looking for.

Find Previous Addresses

Since an old address is a much more exact piece of information than just the city where someone lived, it may take a more precise search. A people search website, such as, will be the best option. Here’s how you can find someone’s old address or find someone’s new address on

  1. Go to the site’s homepage and select your desired search method.
  2. Enter the information required for that search method and perform the search.
  3. Scan the list of results for the right person. Depending on the search method you chose, there could be many results, just one or none at all.
  4. When you’ve located the right person, select the option to view their report.
  5. Go through the quick registration process to obtain the information.

As far as search options go, has the following five options available:

  • Name
  • Phone
  • Address
  • Email
  • Plate

The name option provides fields for you to enter the person’s first name, last name, a city and a state. You may want to try tracking the person down on social media or through a search engine first so that you have a city and state to enter, as this will save you time combing through search results. If you have a phone number, a current address or any previous address, an email address or a license plate number on the person, those methods can also help you find them.

The report on the person will contain all the information has obtained from its many sources, which include social media and the public record. It will often have a full address history, although this does depend on whether the person’s time at each address was logged anywhere. You can find a person’s forwarding address, find someone’s address by name, find out who owns a house and more.

Most Addresses Can Be Found Online

As a general rule, if there has been any record of a person living at an address, it will be available somewhere online, and it’s all a matter of using the right tools to find the information. When a person buys a home, signs a lease or even just changes their address, that gets logged and can be looked up later.

Are there old addresses that could slip through the cracks? In rare cases, this can happen. If the person rented a place to live from someone, such as a room in a house, without signing a lease and never changed their address to that location, then it’s conceivable that the address wouldn’t be attached to their records at all. Otherwise, the address will be recorded.


Figuring out the places someone used to live may seem tricky when you haven’t done it before, but it’s usually simple enough. A people search website¬†and or background check site will likely get you the most comprehensive results, but social media sites and search engines can also come in handy.