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You’re here because you want to lookup Maricopa County arrest records online. That’s no problem I will show you how to easily find out who’s in jail in Maricopa County and who’s recently been arrested and booked into the county jail. You will be able to find mugshots of people who are currently incarcerated, find out why someone is in jail and check recent arrests in your area.

Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office – Search for inmates by booking number, name and or date of birth. You will be able to see a person’s charges, booking photo, arrest date, booking date and more. This arrest search makes it very easy to see who’s in jail in Maricopa County.

Maricopa County Public Mugshots – View the mugshot, booking number, type of crime the inmate committed, inmate date of birth and booking date. You can easily find out who got booked into the county jail and who’s currently in police custody.

Find a Court Case – Look through the court dockets to find a court case online in Maricopa County Arizona. You can look through the court cases, view the results of a court case and see what a person had to go to court for and view the charges against them. This is also an easy way to find out who got arrested and what someone got charged with in Maricopa County.

Maricopa County Police Records – The Maricopa Police Record’s Unit is part of the Support Services Division. It is the central location for the processing and final completion of all police reports generated within the city.

Annually, officers generate over 20,000 reports; each one is reviewed and disseminated appropriately by call type and court jurisdiction. In addition, Records completes the Uniform Crime Reporting that provides Federal and State government with statistical data on crimes committed and arrests made within the City jurisdiction. Record’s personnel maintain and facilitates all public requests for the police department which will make it easy for you to look up a police report. Documents are electronically scanned and stored in accordance with the Arizona State Library, Archives & Public Records, along with Arizona Statutes, and are available for public inspection. These Public Records can be requested at the Record’s lobby window and through the City’s internet site here.

Using the resources above you can see who’s being detained by the police, who’s currently in custody at the county jail and more. You can search the arrest databases for inmates and view mugshots online of people who have recently been arrested. View local arrests in a matter of minutes to help you find out if a friend got arrested last night.