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You may have questions about criminal records in Marion, County Indiana. You aren’t quite sure how to start a search. Maybe someone you have met has raised red flags. A new neighbor might seem suspicious. Perhaps you want to check on a new love interest. Maybe you are concerned about your loved one. The records and cases are generally available online in Marion County. This makes it very simple for you to find out pertinent information regarding the person in question.

Maybe you need to find out if someone has been arrested. Was it a felony? Was it a misdemeanor? Many people are embarrassed or afraid to talk about their past run-ins with the law. They don’t just offer the information up. This means you may have to conduct your own search if you have any suspicions or see red flags. Maybe you want to find out if someone has a warrant. It could be you. You may ask, “do I have a warrant for my arrest?” This information is also available online.

You can look up court records and police reports with relative ease. You can check for a DUI. Nobody wants to admit they were caught driving under the influence. A co-worker or family friend might have spent the night in jail. Maybe it was your son, daughter or spouse.

You can perform a jail inmate search. You can look at mugshots. The amount of things you can do from the comfort of your own home computer seems endless. There are all powerful tools to help you find out more about someone who may be in trouble with the Marion County police.

Criminal records for Indianapolis and Marion County are available here.

You can search the Indiana court record database by utilizing this website. You can perform searches using the court case number or citation number. You will need to use the pull-down tab to indicate which area of Indianapolis you are searching for when looking up court cases. You may want to view the court docket. When is your court case? You can find out quickly.

The inmate database can be found on this website. You can search inmates utilizing this tool by name, date of birth or inmate number.

The Indiana Department of Correction hosts an offender database.

You may want to find out if someone is a registered sex offender. You can find sex offenders here through the Marion County Sheriff’s Office. This information allows you to also look at sex offenders in a given area. They are required by law to register. This means you can check out an area you might be considering as a new home. You can check on neighbors in your current residential area.

Police reports can be generated on the Indianapolis Police Department website. Crime Stoppers of Indiana is also a source of information regarding recent criminal activity.

These online portals allow you to conduct a very private search even though the information is public. Criminal records might give you the valuable information you were seeking.