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You’re here because you are searching for warrant information in Miami-Dade County. Well, you’re in luck I will show you how you can find out if someone is wanted in Miami Dade Florida or you can check if you have a warrant for your arrest also. You can see who’s the most wanted fugitives are in Miami Florida and view mugshots and wanted posters. Easily find out if someone is wanted that is in your neighborhood or surrounding area. The resources will help you conduct a background check on someone in Florida.

Miami-Dade Warrants Bureau

The Warrants Bureau is responsible for serving felony warrants in Miami-Dade County issued by the local criminal justice system and all jurisdictions nationwide. The Bureau is comprised of the Felony Apprehension Squads, the Extradition Unit, the Career Criminal Section, the Headquarters Security Section, the Desk Operations and Administrative Unit.

Miami-Dade Police Warrants

This site contains records from the Miami-Dade Police Department that have been selected for public access. Other records may exist; however, they have not been selected for public access. Please contact the Miami-Dade Police Department if you believe any of the information is in error or if you have concerns or questions about any person listed.

Miami Dade Clerk of Courts

The Miami-Dade Criminal Court is comprised of two levels of operations: Circuit Criminal and County Criminal.

County Criminal maintains the records of all misdemeanor arrests, certain civil infractions (boating and animal violations) and municipal or ordinance violations and is part of the Traffic/Misdemeanor Division.

Circuit Criminal, conversely, receives and processes all felony affidavits of probable cause, grand jury indictments, and arrest warrants. This section conducts two felony bond hearings daily via a video transmission between the courtroom and pre-trial detention center.

You can use the resources above to find out if someone in your area is wanted by law enforcement officials or if they have been on the run. You can see what someone is wanted for such as a bench warrant, child support warrant, failure to appear, felony warrants etc. Search for warrants by name in Miami-Dade County online easily. These resources make it easy to do a warrant search for free.

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