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You’re here because you want to search Miami Dade arrest records. You may want to know if a friend has been arrested or if someone went to jail recently. Regardless of your reason, I will show you how to look up recent and past arrests in Miami Dade Florida. You will be able to view mugshots of people that got arrested, see a person’s charges, find out when they went to jail and who arrested them.

Miami Dade Clerk of Courts

  • You can conduct a case search and search through the calendars. You will find criminal cases when people got arrested by doing this search. You can see when a case will be tried and what crime a person committed.

Miami Dade Criminal Courts

  • The Miami-Dade Criminal Court is comprised of two levels of operations: Circuit Criminal and County Criminal.

County Criminal maintains the records of all misdemeanor arrests, certain civil infractions (boating and animal violations) and municipal or ordinance violations and is part of the Traffic/Misdemeanor Division.

Circuit Criminal, conversely, receives and processes all felony affidavits of probable cause, grand jury indictments, and arrest warrants. This section conducts two felony bond hearings daily via a video transmission between the courtroom and pre-trial detention center.

Miami Dade Public Records Search

  • Links and resources to various public records including: Police records, court records

Miami Dade Inmate Search

  • Search for people that are currently in custody. You can view booking photos of people that are locked up, see why they are in jail and more details about when they may get out of jail, bond amount and more.

Florida DOC Inmate Population Search

  • See who’s in prison with the Florida Department of Corrections. You can see why someone is in prison and when they are expected to get out of prison.

Using the resources above you can easily search arrest records in Miami Dade Florida. You can see when someone went to jail, find out who went to jail and why they went to jail, view mugshots of people that are in police custody and find out when a person is getting out of jail. Using the inmate lookup and various other public arrest record requests you can find the information you are looking for. You can also view the federal inmate lookup search tool to find someone in federal prison.