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In the state of Florida, the Division of Criminal Justice Information Services of the Department of Law Enforcement maintains public records of criminal histories for individuals. Your criminal record may be accessed by individuals and companies in some situations. You can also request a copy of your personal rap sheet from the Department of law enforcement. Some of the information is available online, but obtaining a full rap sheet may require a form and fingerprint card.

Florida Background Check Laws

You can perform an instant search online at A fee is required for each search, and you must submit credit card information for payment. If you require a certified copy of the criminal record, you will need to work directly with the police and law enforcement who performs the search. The results are reviewed, notarized and returned to you via mail within five business days. A fee does apply for the certified search.

Federal crime records are available through the FBI for government agencies and certain types of employers. Work with the state agency that is responsible for the type of employment that you provide.

What is Included in a Background Check

A background check may entail:

Background Checks for Employers in Florida

Some employers in Florida may require a background check for current and potential employers. The reason for these record searches is to see if you’ve been arrested and if you’ve been to jail.

How Far Back Does a Background Check Go

Typically a background check goes back seven years, but this depends on the circumstances of the search. Government agencies, including law enforcement, as well as some employers may request background checks that go back more than seven years.

Background Check Cost in Florida

The public may access the criminal histories of individuals in Florida by paying a fee for each request. You will need to include payment at the time that you request the criminal history record.

Searching for Florida Court Cases

The Florida courts maintain online resources for looking up court cases. You start the search by finding the county clerk of courts website. From there, you can enter information about the case that you are interested in, such as:

  • Name or business name
  • Date range
  • Social security number
  • Birthdate
  • Court type
  • Year of the case
  • Sequence number

Florida Sex Offender Registry

Finding information about sex offenders in your neighborhood, near your location, and around your workplace helps you and your family feel safe and comfortable. The state of Florida maintains an online registry for sex offenders that provides the vital information that you need. The registry is available at and is managed by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. You can search by:

  • Name
  • City
  • County
  • Zip code
  • Type of offender
  • Status of the offender
  • State status (i.e., in state, out of state or both)

The results of the search show a list of offenders who match the criteria. For each offender, you can view:

  • Mugshot
  • Name
  • Status
  • Address and source
  • Physical description
  • Aliases
  • Marks, scars, and tattoos
  • Crime information
  • Victim gender and status as a minor
  • Vehicle and vessel information

Florida Inmate Search

If you’ve been to jail in the state of Florida, you may be listed on the Department of Corrections website at

You can lookup inmate information using:

  • Name and/or aliases
  • DC number
  • Criminal history
  • County of commitment
  • Current location

Accessing Public Records

For information that is not available in the state of Florida, such as social media accounts, marital status, and current address, you can use to access records online.