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Do you want to know what criminal records exist in Middlesex County, Massachusetts? Are you interested to find out if someone has been arrested or not? Do you just need to find out if someone has a warrant for their arrest? What about a check for a DUI on someone you know? How much information do you need? You might be conducting your own personal investigation into an individual. Maybe it’s a new love. Maybe it’s someone who has just moved in next door. Maybe it’s someone you just met through work. Many people have a past that includes a criminal history. Was it a felony or a misdemeanor? How do you search for the results?

These are questions you won’t get the answer to during the normal course of conversation. Most people will withhold that information because of potential embarrassment. You can still look up court records, police reports and look at mugshots to make sure the person in question is okay to be around. You might have concerns. You might not even acknowledge that to the other party. You still feel the need to be cautious and do your own research.

You can even find out if someone is a registered sex offender. Sex offenders have to register in their respective state per law.

Perhaps you want to find about warrants that are currently issued.
Warrants are available under the Warrant Apprehension Unit. On this page, you can also find the most wanted in the state of Massachusetts.

A closer look at individual criminal records is available for citizens of Middlesex County, Massachusetts here.

You also have the ability to check the court docket for upcoming court cases. Do I have a warrant? That’s another question people often search in Middlesex County. You might also utilize the ability to do a jail inmate search. Did your loved one leave the night before only to never return home? Do you wonder if someone who was in a violent altercation with you is in prison? Do you want to make sure an inmate is still in jail and not free? You can find inmates in the Middlesex County jail system here.

Court dockets and case information are available in this portal.

Sex offenders are required to register within this database. This allows you to find them in the prospective area you are ready to move into or the current place you reside.

There are many valuable resources within the state of Massachusetts that allow citizens to find information about criminal acts. They can also find mugshots, court cases and upcoming court dates. It allows you seek information online without making phone calls and possibly being put on hold for long periods of time.