So you want to find criminal records in Montgomery County Texas. You could want to find out when someone got arrested, you could be looking for a certain criminal case, you may want to know if someone got a DUI or has a felony on their record. Heck, maybe you want to know if you have a warrant for your arrest. Who knows, the reasons could be endless why you’re looking for Montgomery County criminal records.

Montgomery County Court Case Search

  • Search criminal cases, civil & probate cases and or view the court calendar. Using the County Clerk Court Case Inquiry you will surely find the public court record of a case that you’re looking for in no time. It will take a bit of searching but if you have the person’s name, court case number and other information about the case then it shouldn’t be a problem to find the information that you are looking for.

Montgomery County District Clerk Case Inquiry

  • Search the index for court cases, court case images and historical archived documents.

Montgomery County Texas Most Wanted

  • View pictures and charges of people wanted in Montgomery County Texas.

Montgomery County Warrant Search

  • Search for people who have warrants in Montgomery County. You will be able to see why the person is wanted by the police and what they are wanted for. If they have a felony warrant, misdemeanor warrant or a bench warrant. Either way, if they are on the list then they have an active outstanding warrant for their arrest.

Montgomery County Crime Stoppers

  • Do you have information about a felony crime committed in Montgomery, Liberty or San Jacinto County? Would you like to give this information to the proper authorities, but don’t want to get involved for fear of retribution? Then you need to call Montgomery County Crime Stoppers. Also, view a list of people that are suspects in crimes or are wanted by law enforcement officials for a crime they committed.

Montgomery County Texas Jail Roster

  • See who’s in jail in Montgomery County. You can see the person’s name, marital status, booking photo, arrest date, why the person got arrested and more. Searching the jail inmate list will show you who’s currently in jail and when someone may get released from jail. Current inmate list is available. Feel free to also search more criminal records in Texas.