Find Records Fast:

North Dakota’s Department of Transportation has made efforts to serve customers online as well as in-person. These strides have done great things to keep the transportation system functioning smoothly. The NDDOT is responsible for keeping records of vehicle registration and general information, similar to the DMV in other states.

The NDDOT website has an easily accessible section featuring frequently asked questions regarding license plates, permits, and vehicles. Many manuals and publications are available online to explain procedures, requirements, and regulations in the state.

Vehicles have both their original and renewed registration completed through NDDOT. Vehicle registration can even be done online — gone are the days of long waits in line! You’ll also be able to fill out an application for motor vehicle registration if you are a non-resident, as long as that registration is temporary.

There’s a detailed explanation of credit and fee schedules published on the website as well. You can use the NDDOT website to look up the status of a vehicle’s title.

How to Find Owner of a Vehicle

There are multiple reasons you may need to perform a license plate owner lookup, from documenting accidents to the potential purchase of a new vehicle. The NDDOT website does make it easy by allowing you to search their database for information about a particular vehicle and you can also find a license plate owner by name.

You might find the information incomplete, though, which is when you’d need to turn to other sources. You can perform a license plate lookup using an online public database. These databases are run by outside third parties rather than the government. Oftentimes they have access to millions of both private and public records.

Many databases require you to pay a fee for use of their services. You’ll need to create an account, pay the fee, and then use the search tool to find vehicle information. If you can’t afford a fee right now, this website offers a license plate lookup that’s only $2.95 which will help you find the registered owner of a vehicle.

The following information will be available to you on the vehicle history report:

  • Odometer mileage
  • History of ownership
  • VIN confirmation
  • Any history of accident claims
  • Information regarding whether the car has ever been stolen
  • Fuel economy rating
  • Any recall history

You’ll also be able to find the current owner of the vehicle. Should you need to get in touch with the owner, oftentimes a second search for their name will yield contact information like phone numbers or email addresses.

North Dakota is one of the only states that’s taken massive steps to make their online presence accessible to the public. Regardless of whether you use their website or a third party database, the information is available for you.